Mn Solutions: A New Wave in Pharmaceutical Compliance and Regulations

CIO Vendor Since the turn of the millennium, medical science has grown exponentially and with it the pharmaceutical industry has progressed leaps and bounds with extra impetus on the quality of service provided. This has propelled parallel industries such as cosmetics, food and medical device manufacturing to aim for further heights. In 2006, Mn Solutions a regulatory company was incepted to provide the information pertaining to medical devices, drug formulations, API’s, IVD’s, Medical Devices, Surgical Devices etc. Headquartered in Delhi, Mn Solutions has come a long way in providing regulatory services to local and international companies looking to enter the Indian market in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and cosmetics sector. With Mr. BN Nagpalat the helm of affairs as the CEO, the company has found ways to overcome obstacles came in its path.

The pharmaceutical industry is riddled with requisites and stringent regulatory compliance requirement about the various rules and regulations enveloping them. This is the need of the organizations that Mn Solutions has decided to overcome. The company is based on the basic principles of veracity and impeccability and that has aided the company’s growth. Realization struck early to Nagpal that this industry needed a steady hand instead of a flexible approach towards how things are run. Fidelity and probity are the company’s motto and the CEO himself swears by it.

Mn Solution’s core competency lies in providing clinical trials, product approvals, which are all part of their regulatory assistance to foreign manufacturing companies competing to break into the Indian market.

Mn Solution’s core competency lies in providing insight of regulatory pathway to clinical trials, product approvals, which are all part of their regulatory assistance to foreign manufacturing companies competing to break into the Indian market

They also do the Third-party audit or internal audit, lead by Nagpal himself & his team members as he himself is a certified ISO 13485 auditor.The company though is not in direct competition with any of its peers insists Nagpal, “It is the quality of service that matters. The service basically hovers around the basic principles of trust worthiness and substantiality. In the service industry you cannot measure, personal satisfaction for the person getting the service is more important. So once it is achieved you cannot define that in any terms of monetary value.”

Mn Solutions’ contribution to the Indian economy is immense and it is only growing by the day. The Indian market has seen an upward curve of 8-9 percent in the last decade. That has resulted in a stable market for other players to come in and compete at the international level. Currently the company is progressing at the rate of 22-25 per cent a year with collaborations around the globe. With a policy of project-to-project basis and sometimes retainer-ship basis, Mn Solutions is offering services to Scient’x-France, Alphatec Spine-USA, Globus Medical-USA, Teknimed-France, and Dr Lal Path Lab among others. The company has partnered with several international brands along the way, Pharma link UK, GSK, Gufic, Health Biotech, DuPont, Microport-USA to name a few. The future looks bright for Mn Solutions with sights on expanding the scope of services and be a major regulatory consulting organization not only at the National level but at the International level as well.