Herbal Consultants: Rendering Innovative Solutions to the Herbal Healthcare Industry

CIO Vendor According to reports, the global herbal market is expected to grow steadily in the coming years with growing demand for herbal products worldwide. However, India’s current share is estimated at below two percent and has diverse problems when it comes to the healthcare sector. Even though Ayurvedic medicines are produced by several thousand companies in India, most lack a proper exposure in both national and international markets. “There was a need to guide doctors and companies for regulatory affairs, standardized product development, science and research, setting cost effective and innovative manufacturing methods, ready to accept packaging’s and flawless marketing strategies,” says Dr.Bhushan Bhavsar, Founder & MD, Herbal Consultants.

Today, Herbal Consultants is recognized as a center of excellence in providing consulting services for dietary food supplements and herbal or natural products, nationally and internationally. Understanding the complexities of the herbal market and clients, the firm provides a full fledged service approach to the sector. Regulatory affairs play a vital role for any organization, perceiving this; the firm aids its clients in licensing products and also helps clients in product development and claim substantiation. “Any product developed has to be marketed with certain claims, which should be in line with the developed product ingredients and should be able to substantiate with proper and definite ways, we enable clients to establish suitable market claims of the product,” Dr. Bhushan explains.

Herbal Consultants helps pharmaceutical manufacturers become more competitive and successful by ensuring their products contribute to favorable and demonstrable outcomes and streamline costs. By carefully evaluating key aspects including industry trends, market evolution and growth opportunities The firm offers services that includes;

The hallmark of Herbal Consultant’s success has been the outstanding customer satisfaction and client retention that the firm attained during its journey

Science and Research, Product Development, Manufacturing Set-up, Legal & Regulatory, Sourcing, Packaging & Designing, Marketing, Herbal Farming, Training and Business Development services.. Unlike others in the sector, the firm makes use of technology and offers the blend of most advanced services.“We bring in the most up-to-date science and innovative technologies, insightful understanding of the consumer-market and success-proven processes in product development,” he adds.

According to the founder Herbal consultants has created a niche in the packing and designing sector since a decade. “While respecting the client’s existing pack or bottle shape, we are experts in creating evolutionary and revolutionary re-designs that best suit the brand and the client’s wish,” expounds Dr.Bhushan. The firm ensures strategic branding and packaging design advice using experienced brand consultants and top designers who have worked on international renowned brands. Apart for this, the firm has a strong grip in international product licensing and marketing; also this nature caring firm is in process of developing about 25k acres of land for herbal farming.

Today, the firm caters to the global market with presence in 18 different countries with major operations in USA, Brazil, The Netherlands, Poland and UAE.The hallmark of Herbal Consultant’s success has been the outstanding customer satisfaction and client retention that the firm attained during its journey. EISRA Netherlands, Biorings USA, Aurum Products, Sun Nutrafoods,BLC Nepal, Herbland Canada, Stelenza Brazil, Indian Herbal Romania, Hungarian Cluster of Ayurveda, Moringo Organics, etc. are few of the clients who make use of Herbal Consultant’s services (Top pharmaceutical client names cannot be displayed due to confidentiality).“Herbal Consultants would be having a new wing into ‘Online Services’ such as online trainings, webinars and online solutions with 24/7 expert,” Dr.Bhushan concludes.