HBJ Capital Services: Assuring Equity Research & Advisory Services to Clients

CIO Vendor In our avidness to earn a livelihood, most of us are often forced to focus primarily on our daily occupations. With looming deadlines, rarely do we find time to get ourselves engaged in the stock market activities. As a result our hard earned money is not channelized well to fetch more returns for our future. Kumar Harendra, a Software Engineer by profession at Infosys, was no exception. But soon, Kumar realized the value of Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which proved to be the turning point in his life. He started HBJ Capital as a free stock advisory company in 2005, and with his passion for and inquisitiveness towards capital markets, he continued to discover new frontiers of the domain. After acquiring deep understanding of the industry for 5 years, Kumar decided to quit his Infosys job and formally launch the company, HBJ Capital, in 2010 with a vision to create an enterprise that specializes in Equity Research & Advisory.
Back in early 2000, broking companies provided advisory services to clients in only large cap stocks, and the small & mid-cap stocks were mostly left untouched. Kumar identified the gap and structured the company to unveil the Small & Mid-Cap Stocks, which he realized had huge potential of retentive wealth creation. The company also acquired top management people involved in designing, executing and delivering quality research.
Attracting and retaining the right talent, and building the right channel for clients was obviously difficult initially.
Over a period of time, the company has successfully solved these issues and strengthened its communication channels with its clients.

HBJ with its technical analysis guides the clients on proper money management so that they can earn profit in short term

Kumar noted, “We have been exclusively focusing on building brand awareness and positioning our company as a trust able advisory firm with strong research and robust back end channel.”
With its Scale, Skill and Speed, the company has so far been able to create and maintain its leadership position in the industry. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company advises its clients on long term investment stocks and short term trading stocks. In addition, the company with its technical analysis guides the clients on proper money management so that they can earn profit in short term. Kumar further explains, “Clients have invested based on our recommendations and over a period of time, they have been able to earn superior returns from their stock investments.”
By updating clients with personalized counseling, stock portfolio reviews, stock recommendations and regular market outlooks; HBJ has retained almost 60 percent of its clients. The company has also won some of the prestigious awards in the industry such as "Asia's Most Promising Brands & Leaders - 2014" and "Best Equity Research & Advisory Company of the Year 2014" by providing unique fundamental and technical research. At present, the company boosts of approximately 14,000 retail clients. Some of their B2C Clients are Retail Investors/Traders and HNI/NRI from both India and abroad.
The company has grown immensely over the years. Currently, the company has 600 resources and has witnessed an annual turnover of 30 Crore. Eyeing the opportunities that lay ahead in retail Investment and traders segment, the company has aggressive plans for the future. Foreseeing the company’s plans, Kumar says, “By end of 2015 we will be 1000 strong workforce with expected turnover for FY16 will be 100 Cr.” HBJ envisions being a multi-billion dollar company by 2017.