Hexagon Capital Advisors:Guiding Customers to a Brighter Financial Future

CIO Vendor Mutual funds had a slow rise to prominence in India. Due to a lack of advisory services, investors were initially doubtful about the benefit they could derive from it and about the credibility of the investment tool.

Srikanth Bhagavat, a veteran in the Indian financial industry and the founder of Hexagon Capital Advisors points out how the lack of advisory expertise in investment products was concerning. He explains, “Back in 1998-99, mutual funds were really taking off in our country. With the advent of mutual funds we had a wonderful instrument for the retail investors. But there was a huge gap in investment advisory services due to which most people had very little idea about investing and savings.” Hexagon was founded in 1998 with an objective to provide adequate advice and guidelines for retail investors. The investment advisory firm offers a broad range of financial products including mutual funds, equities, bonds, insurance and realty as well as alternative investment products such as angel investing opportunities.

Financial planning forms the core of the company’s business. Focusing on financial planning as the means to the future and helping the client, Hexagon adopts a research oriented and merit based portfolio. Srikanth stresses on the importance of building a trusting relationship with clients.

Hexagon Capital Advisors offers a broad range of financial products including mutualfunds,equities,bonds, insurance and realty as well as alternative investment products such as angel investing opportunities

The set of investments for each and every person differs. Just by conversing with the people, looking into their experience and background I used to do risk profiling. I did it in a different way and that developed a bond.”These initiatives have grown to become a vital backdrop in the company’s way of working.
The company’s client engagement initiative starts with Pre-Investment Consultation, then Portfolio Construction where they build a customized portfolio of different asset classes.

Lastly,Periodic Portfolio Reviews that are constantly monitored to ensure that their performance matches set objectives. The company’s strategy based advisory services benefit HNIclients, NRI clients and also clients interested in retirement planning.

During the 17 yearjourney, Hexagon has repeatedly tried to be one step ahead of the industry trends. The company was among the very few in the country who spent money on technology in the business of mutual funds as a distributer or advisors. In 1998, they were among the first in India to use risk adjusted returns to evaluate mutual funds.Then in 2000, they were the first in India to offer an online portal for performance reporting to client. The company was judged as South India’s Best Independent Financial Advisor by CNBC TV18 in 2006.They became a registered investment advisor with SEBI in 2014.

The wealth management firm is thriving on its research to generate new strategies and sophisticated models to better serve clients.Going forward, Hexagon is making fast inroads in advising startups, NRI clientele and looking at leveraging technology and global partnership.