Finstem India: Inspiring With Integrity

CIO Vendor An individual can derive wealth in various forms; people who possess huge wealth usually opt for complex financial arrangements, wherein their assets are spread out and diverse in nature.

It is not just about having huge bank balances in your account or an inherited property, but the insight to invest the wealth in the right manner. With his career spanning over seventeen years of contribution at several senior positions in banking sector, Manish Shoundik took a befitting decision which paved the way to the inception of Finstem India Pvt Ltd.

Incorporated in the year 2013, the firm provides complete financial solutions, real estate management and outsourcing solutions to individuals and corporate. “We adopt a structured and disciplined advisory approach and provide our clients with portfolio solutions which meet their desired financial goals and milestones, without focusing on the revenue,” clarifies Manish, Founder & CEO, Finstem.
Headquartered in Nodia, the firm provides soup to nuts, in wealth management sector with well regulated and unbiased solutions. Equipped with the essence of strategic planning, management skills, Manish succeeded in crafting the pillars of his dream company.
Helping clients to achieve financial goals; Finstem provides complete turnkey solutions right from the wealth creation to protection plans. "At Finstem, we offer a complete range of solutions that complement our clients’ advisory services. The range includes a combination of best of breed proprietary and non proprietary (third party) products," he defines. Dedicated to deliver impeccable services, the firm follows a four step process of financial planning which includes – risk profiling, goal planning, profile structuring and profile tracking.

Providing unbiased financial planning solutions while keeping focus at customer delight, Finstem provides services in the wealth management sector. According to Manish, the firm spread its wings of services over investment, insurance, real estate, loans and taxation. With the unique proposition in wealth management control, the firm enables and provides clients with solutions within overall asset allocation in an unbiased manner. “we offer the most structured and unbiased financial planning solutions that help clients map their hard earned money and investments to their future goals,” he elucidates. While Manish's past experience and confidence plays a major role in carving Finstem’s success, he doesn't forget to acknowledge that the company stands firm with the support of felicitous hands of his employees. The company provides it’s full circle wealth management support with a strong and experienced team.
Delivering value with purpose, today the firm unleashes an array of services to frame specific needs of investment advisory services such as MF, fixed deposits, equity shares, life and general insurance, real estate advisory and loans. However, keeping in mind the dream of building homes and township, Finstem Infrastructure came into existence after gaining expertise in the field of real estate broking, underwriting and leasing. “Our estate planning, insurance, and wealth management expertise are designed to put clients in the best position to succeed while allowing them to maximize their time devoted to focusing on the pursuits that are most important,” explains Manish. Stitching services that are designed to help individuals and cooperates alike, Finstem’s client list consists of middle and senior management employees and corporates like HCL, Shiv Nadar, Groupon, TMF, Bombardier, Home credit, and Nextra. Though the company has been witnessing substantial growth since its inception, in upcoming future Finstem is focused to provide cost effective solutions and rising up on the growth ladder.