Red Clays Capital: Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

CIO Vendor The history of Venture Capital in India dates back to early 70's when the Government of India appointed a committee led by Late Shri R.S. Bhatt to find out ways to meet a void in conventional financing for funding start-ups based on innovative technologies. However the recession during 1999 - 2001 took the wind out of the Indian Venture Capital industry as most VCshad to wind-up their operations in the country. Almost all of them changed their focus to existing successful firms for their growth and expansion.

Underlying the capital trends in the country, the start-ups still face un organised markets, a complex bureaucracy and the need for infrastructure. From ground work investments to expanding growth funding, VCs tended to shift towards companies that believe in the ideal of growth capital and support through leveraged buying which only few enterprises foresaw. One such enterprise that had the vision to cater to aspiring Indian businesses was RedClays Capital. Founded in 2000, Redclays Capital is a sector agnostic fund, highly reliable, bankable company that empowers entrepreneurs across industries to invest, innovate and excel. The company’s ingenuity abides in the strength of its experience in the industries that it invests in. “Redclays Capital only engages in industry sectors where in its team has intimate knowledge and extensive experience,” explains Srini Chakwal, Managing Director, Redclays Capital.

Redclays offers independent funding solutions focused on buyouts, venture capital, growth capital and infrastructure for emerging Indian businesses while nurturing the investments.
Unflappable entrepreneurship with innovative business ideas get to savour the unmanned funding services Redclays offers for strong exponential growth of clients.

Redclays Capital is a sector agnostic fund, highly reliable, bankable company that empowers entrepreneur's across industries to invest,innovate and excel

The local knowledge perfectly blended with a global approach allows the company to function with a skilled team that is enriched with Indian regulatory frameworks as well as the cultural sensitivities. “At Redclays Capital we help our entrepreneurs better capitalize on their ideas in the fast moving local and global markets. We blend the investment approach and ability of a totally self-determining Private Equity firm with unique access to vast geographic and industry resources,” explains Srini.

Though India is a complex market, due to regional diversity, unorganized markets, multiple legal and administrative systems, Redclays identifies a robust company with a dynamic team that is passionate about constant growth. Redclays focuses on catering to companies as well as startups from industries such as renewable energy, healthcare, information technology, media & entertainment, manufacturing sectors, infrastructures and fintech startups. Here, the company deals with strategic investments such as seed capital, early stage, expansion, management buy-in/buy-out, acquisitions, pre-IPO finance, turnarounds etc. Be it a start-up or an early stage expansion, Redclays got its competency to work with the investee team even after the investment, providing financial restructuring strategies such as debts swap, Capital infusion etc. The company enhances branding, allowing clients to engage in quality deals that in-turn enable them to manage and validate the investments even in the highly competitive market. After successfully establishing a one-stop funding company in India, Redclays envisions to set up Specialized Investment Fund (SIF) actively conducting research on potential investment markets and specific company opportunities, analyzing new ventures as well as tracking current domestic and global market.