Lastaki: Enabling Growth For Mid Sized businesses.

CIO Vendor Did you know that the Indian SME segment contributes almost 45 percent to the manufacturing sector and about 40 percent to the Indian export sector? They employ 40 percent of India’s workforce. Yet, this sector confronts challenges that could have an adverse effect on its future and growth, and consequently, our economy!

Due to limited access to appropriate business management expertise and capital resources, small and medium size firms struggle to retain their pace of growth. Additionally,lack of funds, technological obsolescence,turbulent marketsand sub-optimal scale of operations act as deterrants in the growth of these companies.


Lastaki was established in 2002 to help SMEs overcome the difficulties they are encumbered by. Lastaki’s expertise combined with unique and opportunistic services, allow businesses& entrepreneurs to do what they are best at while ensuring the organisation is made more effiectivein building value and efficiency.

Originally, with an aim to solve funding issues and a passion to work with smaller companies, LVN Muralidhar founded Lastaki after quitting his job as a fund manager with a large asset management company in Mumbai. In the initial years, the company confined its services to raising capital for mid-sized enterprises but soon, Lastaki recognised the need for specialised expertise in advising clientson resource optimisation, business growth drivers and fund raising. Lastaki extended its services to M&A, management advisory , capital raising and investor relations as well.

The company has a pool of eminent advisors and specialists to cater to high domain knowledge situations. Backed by highly qualified and experienced professionals, Lastaki stands out in the market for its service portfolio i.e. Fund Raising, M&A advisory, Management Advisory and Investor Relations.

Dev Raman, Managing Partner at Lastaki acknowledges, “Our key strategy is to lead with deep knowledge; knowledge of the sector, knowledge of the practice or knowledge of the business process. Boutique firms such as ours do not have the luxury of muscle and thus have to compete through specialization and intense understanding of these businesses. This is why we focus on sectors which need domain expertise such as technology, pharma, media, advertising, clean tech, infrastructure services etc.”

“A good deal maker understands that it’s their job to finesse things into place,” Warren Buffet.

When it comes to its clients, the company is proactive and has a unique approach to sourcing deals.They have the strength in understanding the market - what drives buyers to acquire and what motivates a seller to sell!

Simultaneously,Lastaki also specializes in optimal capital syndication interventions helping its clients access the right amount of funds from the right sources to power their growth strategies.

Backed with highly qualified and experienced professionals, Lastaki clearly stands out in the market focussing on the various combinations prolonged services- Fund Raising, M&A advisory, Management Advisory and Investor Relations

Talking about the Management Advisory solutions of the company, Dev expounds, "In keeping with our commitment to unlock sustainable value for small and medium sized businesses, Lastaki offers a host of management advisory services that are specifically geared to help achieve higher growth, scale and profitability. Value Optimization, Sales Optimization, Performance Optimization, HR Optimization and Financial Optimization are the valuable expertise advisory function that the company renders to ensure a successful implementation of our ideas."


To address the needs of the B2B services companies, Lastaki has started Triton an asset management business, along with two partners, Rahul Kayan and Pradyumna Dalmia. This investment arm looks for early stage B2B businesses that have a long term view on value and growth. Lastaki provides these entreprenuers with thier overarching knowledge and execution capabilities along with necessary capital.


By focusing on its core strengths, Lastaki aims to give clients superlative solutions in a very cost effective manner. They act not merely as advisors but as a long term partner throughout the engagement.

Lastaki has successfully distinguished itself from a 'consultant' by working not only as a partner to entreprenuers and top management but also in the implementation of the strategy it recommends after a detailed analysis and consultation.

Since its inception, Lastaki has a credible track record of working with the some renowned clients in various sectors. It has worked with TVS group– auto component and telecom services, Srei infrastructure Finance –financial services and WATMedia – advertising and media etc. Along with this, they have also worked in technology, pharmaceuticals, textiles and real estate sectors.

Lastaki has come a long way, having met and analyzed over 700 businesses in India. With its wide array of skills and integrated analyst team, Lastaki has completed over 50 transaction deals over the last decade including cross-border M&A, PE and VC funding across industries and a spectrum of equity, debt and structured finance.

Having managed to enter the African market last year with a mandated M&A in the pharma sector, Lastaki is considering more advisory assignments in the healthcare sector. Looking forward, Lastaki is poised to spread its wings across the national boundaries and add more services to provide comprehensive solutions to the mid-sized market.
Dev Raman quotes, “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can bring change in the world, are the ones that usually do."