Achiievers Equities: Offering Unique Trading Platform for Retail Investors

CIO Vendor The global economic crisis of 2008 left many economies in a state of complete disarray. India wasn't an exception either: domestic stock markets crashed and investors suffered huge financial losses. But most importantly, it was retail investors who lost their life savings. Faced with uncertainties, retail investors were hardly making any headway in the stock market in the years that followed. Whereas, HNIs and institutional investors were still making substantial profits from intra-day trade. Looking at this disparity in market participation, Suman Chakrvarty, Founder, MD & CEO of Achiievers Equities Ltd (Kolkata headquartered Company), decided to overhaul its traditional brokerage strategies to bolster retail brokerage Industry, and recalls, “Clients were charged by brokers for each and every trade, a practice which was denting into their profits to a large extent. We introduced the concept of “Discount broking” with the lowest pricing with highest ethical standards and with this we have revolutionized the broking industry by going with our tag line “Make Money Differently”. We believe in complete transparency, safety and honesty.

Founded on Oct 2009,We started operation on Apr 2012.Today,it is a public limited company providing full range of brokerage services as well as comprehensive advisory services to its clients to meet their financial planning needs.The company came up with four different plans to suit the purpose of investors:Unlimited Trade @ Rs.50/-per day, Unlimited Trade @ Rs.750/- per month, Rs.15/- per Trade, and Traditional Plans, allowing clients to pay as they trade.

Going by its name, ACHIIEVERS envisions being one of the India'sleading financial services firms,offering complete financial solutions

Its Zero Brokerage Plan (Unlimited Trade Plans) was introduced to change the rules of the market and has since then shaken up traditional brokerage market.95 percent of the company’s daily business consists of derivative & margin volume, signifying that the day traders and FNO players with short to medium term market view prefer to trade with ACHIIEVERS due to its unique brokerage plans which ultimately lowers their cost of trading.

Achiievers also specializes in advisory services in both cash and derivatives segment of the capital and commodity markets and are also distributors of savings/investment instruments such as Online Mutual Fund , Bonds, IPO, Corporate Fixed Deposit and Insurance. Besides, the company conducts Technical Research as well as Fundamental Research on equity and derivatives market. Services offered are kept confidential and handled with utmost integrity to protect client's interest.Going by its name, ACHIIEVERS envisions being one of the India´s leading financial services firms, offering complete financial solutions.

Suman Chakrvarty, further adds, “Buoyed by a steady rise in new trading accounts, our revenue has zoomed past more than million dollars and clientele has touched over 15000 in a short span of 3 years of operation.” Currently, the company opens around 500 new accounts every month and clocks 1000 crore turnover daily. Moreover, the company has also diversified into lending business segments through its NBFC arm ACHIIEVERS QUICK GOLD LOAN. It handles Gold Loan and Margin Funding Business and has opened four Gold Loan Branches in short span of time .