Placewell HRD Consultants: Unmatched Manpower Services to African and Gulf Countries

CIO Vendor The Indian recruitment industry in the recent years has shown positive developments and confidence in their hiring statistics across all levels and especially newer geographies to man their expanding footprints. With GDP growth rate being pegged at 5.5 per cent against 4.7 per cent during the last financial year, according to the mid-year economic analysis 2014-15, businesses across all sectors are expected to grow. In addition, India enjoys the competitive advantage of demographic dividend which, together with the hiring intensity, marks a new era of recruitment in the country.
Many consider the recruitment services industry as the HR industry in India. Considering it constitutes the biggest segment, far outnumbering the other segments in terms of the size of the market and the number of players, it drives many of the changes in the overall industry of HR in India. While it is a big industry, with approximately 20,000 players, the sheer size of the industry itself presents several opportunities.

With an outlook on changing needs, and characterizing manpower as key to business growth, increased job opportunities and a reservoir of available talent pool, hiring is not only about sourcing, interviewing candidates, and getting the vacancy filled. Instead, it is increasingly about matching the requirements of a role to a candidate’s capability and vice versa. Organizations are increasingly looking for a quality talent pool for their open positions and right kind of matchmaking would definitely hold the answers to business growth and expansion. Contributing to such growth stories is Placewell HRD Consultants, an end-to-end overseas recruitment services and placement consulting provider. Strategically located at Hyderabad, the firm offers services to clients across Gulf, African and European regions to cater their placement needs and recruitment requirements. The firm emphasizes on bridging the gap between clients’ expectations and performance of Indian professionals.
The Foundation of Placewell
Years ago, when Mr. D.S. Reddy was working in East Africa, he observed numerous loopholes in the process. He quickly realized the need of Indians there to choose a career overseas that gives them a comfortable life and hefty amounts as savings, that was not quite possible in India. Though there were plenty of recruitment assistance and placement agencies, not all of them help job seekers with end-to-end requirements. Observing the obstacles faced by them, Mr. Reddy was encouraged to set up an organization that could provide recruitment assistance and reliable placement solutions for international clients. And so was born Placewell HRD Consultants in 2000.

“Despite some of shortcomings, the demand for Indian workers always existed. Employers relied on Indians more than local citizens in several countries where we worked. We had to then work on the handicaps to explore full potential and open the doors for many more. Mostly, Indian employees easily adapt to new atmosphere, work culture, food habits but in some cases, the language barrier becomes an obstacle. We therefore had to be careful in our screening process and where necessary we had to run orientation classes to those selected candidates,” explains Mr. D.S. Reddy, CEO, Placewell HRD Consultants. Since its inception, Placewell has helped over 100 NRIs to practice their career in African countries. “We have since been recruiting 1000s of Indians every year in African countries, Middle
East, far East and some of the European countries. At present, we have hundreds of satisfied clients like MNCs, Large and Medium scale organizations, in all countries,” avers Mr. Reddy, with a smile on his face.
Based in India, Placewell, over the years, has developed industry-specific talent databank of professionals, technicians, executives, experts, supporting staff. Using this largest pool of database, the firm searches, selects, tests and places professionals with the clients across the globe; thus addressing their technical and professional recruitment needs.

Placewell Pillars: Client, Candidates and a Dedicated Team

Considering the countries where Placewell operates, there are three different kinds of market available for recruitment consulting. The niche market is mostly dominated by UK, Swiss and other European based consultants and involves recruitment of CEOs, Directors and Senior Executive Cadre. They mostly pick up candidates from Europe, Americas, Australia and very few from India. The other concerns Senior, middle and junior management cadre and the third category deals with general working and labour class. Placewell has well influenced the niche market and has marked its presence in recruiting senior, middle and junior management cadre. “There is an existing competition from other countries like Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal and China but India has always emerged as the first choice and the credit goes to the NRIs for their excellent performance and to the recruitment consultants in promoting them. Placewell has always been in the fore front,” he adds.

Based in India, Placewell, over the years, has developed industry-specific talent databank of professionals, technicians, executives, experts, supporting staff

Lending a helping hand to people to obtain prosperous jobs and lucrative career offers overseas, Placewell’s core competence lies in offering tailored, cost-competitive, time-to-market and end-to-end recruitment solutions to the clients with utmost care and attention for the quality of services delivered. The firm emphasizes on extending value-driven recruitment services to its clients and leaves no stone unturned to ensure prospering career opportunities for job seekers by consolidating the employers’ high-growth areas. “To put it simply, providing the right candidates at the right time and at the right place is the key to success. We know how to do the magic. We have the experience and a well versed team that assures effective talent deployment for the clients,” he further adds.

Candidate Wins, Client Wins, Placewell Wins

Mr. D.S. Reddy takes great pride in a fact that Placewell is a quality conscious organization that continuously strives to establish and maintain strong relations with its clients. The determination of the team underlines the success of Placewell. He highlights that in the years to come; team Placewell envisions expanding its coverage gradually over Europe and Africa. Team Placewell also has plans to open its branches at different parts of the globe making its presence much stronger. “We already have our offices in Gulf (Kuwait), Africa (Tanzania) and European (UK) regions. We need strengthen and expand them. We have plans to open our offices in other regions not only to mark an edge in the international market but also to achieve our projected growth,” he concludes.