MP DOMINIC & CO: Helping Clients Augment Organizational Capability

CIO Vendor The environment in which a recruitment consultant operates in is very dynamic. Moreover globalization, liberalization and reforms are changing the work patterns in a very significant manner. Along with this, the advancement in technology has given rise to the demand for the right quality of human resources in the industry. Sourcing of skilled manpower is a challenge today, especially in today's rapidly changing technological development scenario. Kerala based MP Dominic & Co (MPD) came into being to cater to these challenging manpower needs. “We are a trailblazing consultancy and we help our clients build organizational capability through their people by focusing on talent strategy, HR strategy, building winning cultures and making change happen,” says Linson M Dominic, CEO, MPD.

MPD is one of the leading overseas recruitment consultancies in India, rated by its clientele as one of the most professionally managed overseas recruitment consultants in India. The company specializes in hiring for the industry verticals such as Construction, Oil &Gas, Healthcare, Hospitality, Finance & Office, and Military etc. MPD’s client list is a virtual who’s who of industry giants in the Gulf countries namely Aspire zone QATAR, Aramco, ABN, GFS HCA hospitals UK, amongst others.

Nurturing Talent

While several factors influence a company’s achievements, identifying and maintaining a motivated workforce remains one of the major
challenges of any successful organization. "It is imperative to ensure a smooth workforce co-ordination for the organization’s success. Nothing is more important than the stability of a team and the people working under it. The workforce is the crucial ingredient that binds an organization together thus, translating ideas and goals into results,” avers Linson. Team MPD leaves no stone unturned to put the right person in the right job every time. Its services insists on giving the best possible guidance to a job seeker, helping him at each stage of hiring toget a new job of his own volition.

With over 10 years of industry experience, MPD is well known for identifying potential candidates from any global location

MPD primarily focuses on getting a new hire, who not only fits the job, but also understands and adapts himself to the work culture of an organization. The firm meticulously uses scientific methods for candidate search so as to ensure quality hires. “Once the potential hire has been identified, we use scientific interview methods to identify the right person for the right job. We conduct F2F interviews, video interviews, panel interviews, trade tests, online tests and psychometric tests to evaluate and shortlist the right candidate for the job,” he adds.

With over 10 years of industry experience, MPD is well known for identifying potential candidates from any global location. As an India government approved recruitment agent with a 1000+ license, MPD has offices across GCC countries so as to offer timely support services. “We also have associate offices in Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Our proven track record with large international clients has placed us in a commendable position among the leading human resource consultants in South East Asia and the Middle East,” concludes Linson.