Buoyancy Consultants: Delivering Cost Effective and Superlative Design Services

CIO Vendor In a highly competitive era of shipbuilding, the advent of contemporary design tools in the industry was at halt a decade ago. The demand for optimization of designs and adoption of the use of 3D model in earlier stages of design was at its peak. In addition, there was great dissatisfaction amongst the clients with overlapping of traditional design stages and the budget issues faced by them. Having several years of experience in the field of ship designing, Prasad P Sawant comprehended the dire needs of the clients and incorporated Buoyancy Consultants in May 2013. The company is bolstered by a core team of Marine professionals with engineering experience of design on various 3D modelling platforms.
The company has firmly laid its foundation in the ship designing industry and thrives to deliver design services, from project specification and concept studies to detailed engineering and new building supervision. Clients receive world class services from Buoyancy Consultants, making use of the latest technology available and the vast talent pool comprising experts in the industry. Along with design services, the company renders a full range of offshore engineering services to its clients covering new build designs via class drawings and detail design. In addition, the company provides a boat design and project management service which includes preparation of ship-building contract, monitoring of finances during construction, delivery protocols and related documents and post-delivery and guarantee matters. The dearth of solid infrastructure and the challenge to prove itself in the competitive industry became a major roadblock for the company.

Over the years Buoyancy has emerged as a key player in the ship design industry through its advance software tools, project management software and delivering skilful customer experience

Despite the multiple obstructions during its initial years, Buoyancy has managed to race ahead by offering splendid customer experience ensuring high level of profitability for its clients. Over the years Buoyancy has emerged as a key player in the ship design industry through its advance software tools, project management software and delivering skilful customer experience. Nupas- Cadmatic is its main design software which is widely used in more than 40 countries. “We make clear schedule and project management plan that we present to the client right before the beginning of the project,” explains Prasad P Sawant, Director, Buoyancy Consultants. The company’s project management software allows clients to get an insight into the ongoing project with updates on a regular basis. Buoyancy makes sure to plan each project according to the needs and preferences of its clients, whether the outcome is a full classification design or a feasibility study, it pays special attention to careful project planning. Some of the well known clients to which the company has rendered its superlative services are Drydock world, Dubai; Chalmers engineering; Dubai and Chowgule shipyard, Goa among others.
Headquartered in Panaji, Goa, the company has recently opened its office in Dubai and further intends to expand internationally. Going forward, it plans to focus on international clients and maintain healthy customer relations with them. Buoyancy is focussing on the adaption of green technologies and has already initiated the research work to deliver efficient services incorporated with green technologies. The company has come a long way and is geared up for future growth.