Advance CAD Technologies: Mastering the Art of Reverse Engineering Solutions

CIO Vendor 3d scanning Technology has taken a front seat in the today’s world and its usage has gifted effective results to the society. Working as a backbone, engineers strive to strengthen various technological methodologies with their innovative ideas. Even software tools have a big role to play in bringing in cutting-edge solutions to the global businesses. Geomagic Design-x and Geomagic Control is one such software tool used by engineers to design technical illustrations. Providing services, Sells and Support to this special area M/S Advance CAD Technologies started its journey in the year 2004. “Our aim is to provide valuable domain oriented technical solution in combination to technological engineering solution to resolve customer problem and exceeding their service expectations with quality results in short duration and at an affordable price,” says Milind D. Futane, MD, Advance CAD Technologies.
Located in Pune, Advance CAD brings in innovative approaches to design. The company has two divisions namely Reverse Engineering Service Division and 3D INDUSTRIAL SCANNER AND SOFTWARE Sales & Marketing Division. The Reverse Engineering Service division includes 3D white light & blue light scanning, reverse engineering solution, quality inspection & measurement, product design & development and value engineering. While the sales & marketing department offers the most suitable technological products to customers based on their application usage. The products consist of the most advanced features and widest applications in QC Inspection, 3D scanning and reverse engineering applications. However, back in 2003 a team of three engineers started the institute along with providing the CAD/ CAM solution.
“Our CAD CAM division was offering solution for foundry tooling, mould design as well as cad cam design and detailing. After reviewing the market and understanding the position of the future market requirement we changed our business segment in reverse engineering sector in 2008. Later we introduced precise, fast and more accurate 3D white light and blue light scanning measurement technology for product design and product validation,” Milind expounds.

Advance CAD’s excellent knowledge of manufacturing process and technical capabilities along with high end latest technological deliverables help them to gain its client’s trust in the market

Lack of funds, competition from established players and lack of opportunities were a few hindering factors affecting the growth of the company. But consistent hard work, in-depth focus on high end technical skills, special service for certain segments, clear understanding of client need, prompt response with reasonable cost and time bond delivery module has helped Milind and his team to build up good reputation among their clients. Advance CAD’s excellent knowledge of manufacturing process and technical capabilities along with high end latest technological deliverables help them to gain its client’s trust in the market.
The company has also executed many projects jointly with big OEM’s in different segment such as automotive, defense, aerospace, pump industries, heavy industries, toys industries, ship building industries, packaging industries. While offering a wide range of reverse engineering solutions, functional prototype development, quality inspection and product design the enterprise is planning to increase quality of talent pool in reverse engineering industries and increase the number of professionals. Advance CAD is now associated with International Tie-Up with such as 3D Systems, USA and Solutionix, Korea. It is also planning to expand its business in the areas of sales, support and service divisions across India by increasing new products such as, 3D printing and Software Cast analysis.