Convenient, Construction and consultancy: Beyond consultation, Beyond construction

CIO Vendor According to a recent report by KPMG, the size of the real estate sector in India may increase five-fold to reach USD676 billion by 2025. This phenomenal growth is expected to provide strong opportunities to global real estate stakeholders as significant technical and financial support lacks in India. Specialists support is required in various real estate support sectors such as architects, EPC contractors, quality material suppliers, project management consultants, and facilities management service providers. The report also states that the focus of developers is to appoint independent project monitoring firms, to implement leading practices for project schedule, cost management, monitoring standards, Management Information System (MIS) reporting and greater level of coordination.

This might be the recent prophecy by KPMG, but India’s growing stature as a leading real estate destination and the future demands there of were foreseen long back by Convenient Construction and Consultancy (P) Ltd. (CCCPL) that came into existence in 2010. Led by Rajesh Nair, CCCPL has left no stone unturned to emerge as a multi-disciplined Engineering Consulting firm that provides services ranging from concept, pre-construction to completion of the project. CCCPL is backed by a knowledgeable team comprising of architects, designers and engineers who persistently work towards providing proactive solutions for any construction project. The firm goes beyond conventional services by adding value at every step of the project, thereby ensuring that the projects are completed on time, with quality and within budgeted cost. “‘Don’t strive to be perfect, strive for excellence’ - this very thought is the core strength of our company giving us an extra edge over competitors,” states Rajesh Nair, CEO at CCCPL.

CCCPL’s Journey Guided by Entrepreneurial Spirit
“Only as high as I reach can I Grow, Only as far as I seek can I go, Only as deep as I look can I see, Only as much as I dream can I be”. Every entrepreneur would swear by this statement and Rajesh Nair does the same. Associated with the construction industry for over 27 years, Rajesh is an engineering professional who has experience in various sorts of construction works primarily dealing with the real estate and hospitality industry. His entrepreneurial journey dates back to 1988, when after completion of his bachelor’s degree from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, he migrated to Indore to join one of Central India’s largest retail real estate companies. Working as the CEO for almost eight years, Rajesh started looking for a meaningful mission and an endeavour that would be fulfilling, and contribute to his fervour. With clarity, courage, and continuous action, he together with his four colleagues decided to dig deeper into their idea of success, and thus was born CCCPL.

Essentially Project Mangers by nature ,CCCPL is also focused on Electrical,HVAC, Plumbing, Firefighting and structural designing services. However with passage of time, the firm started offering 'Total Project Management Solutions'. These specialized services are catered to industries including healthcare, hotels, shopping malls, commercial buildings, IT Parks, residential and large townships of 260 acres. At present, CCCPL provides services in Central India covering Indore, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Raipur and surrounding areas while in Maharashtra covering Mumbai, Pune,
Nasik, and Nagpur. The services are also widespread to cities such as Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata. Also in South, the firm concentrates on Bangalore and surrounding cities of Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Ooty, Cochin, Calicut and Hyderabad. Headquartered in Indore, CCCPL has its head office located in Bangalore and branch office in Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Building long lasting customer relationships and ensuring positive customer experience is embedded into CCCPL’s DNA

Filled with an assortment of twists and turns, an entrepreneur’s journey is challenging. But in the end, when conducted with integrity and purpose, it is a journey that provides deep fulfilment and a sense of gratitude that transcends self and contributes to the world at large. Navigating this journey successfully also requires people to help work through the setbacks and plan for the roadblocks. Highlighting this, Rajesh explicates, “Our struggle period was comparatively diminutive. Being familiar with the modus operandi of construction industry, our voyage as aspiring entrepreneurs was quite smooth. The industry welcomed us and in no time we got recognition from people”. Team CCCPL began its operations in the Central part of India which was witnessing a spurt in growth of real estate. Soon, its services were spread across different geographies and the company never looked back since then. “We started gaining visibility in this arena. Resultantly, we acquired several important projects to work on. Our turnovers increased from year to year,” he adds.

Client First, Client Last
Building long lasting customer relationships and ensuring positive customer experience is embedded into CCCPL’s DNA. CCCPL helped several projects with their cost effective and value-added services. Endeavouring client satisfaction, Rajesh explains, “Time period and cost management are some of the major concerns for which clients come to us. Every project starts with project timeline, cost control and engineering efficiency. During the course of some projects, organizations face funding problems. We, at CCCPL, go that extra mile to assist such organizations in the equity fund or debt fund.”

Well aware of the role that personalized consultation services play in the real estate sector, Rajesh understands and addresses clients’ needs which are in accordance with their preferences. “I had been on the developers’ side earlier. And this has helped me comprehend clients’ expectations of cost controls, value engineering and more importantly meeting the targets. This experience has paved way as to how I read my clients’ minds and intent. Following this, we thoroughly work towards meeting their requirements,” he says. He further adds, “While working with clients, we give adequate space to carry out the project and provide them the best products and retails available for the investment.”

From Good to Great
Rajesh avers how CCCPL was incorporated in 2010 and started its operation in 2011 with only two shareholders. Soon, after the team expanded, shares were distributed and new partners were introduced to the company. Over the last five years, the company has consolidated itself and is currently run by five co-founders working for two different verticals. CCCPL has also expanded its operations to Nepal. Also when the right time comes, CCCPL has plans to venture into the African market and is looking for investors to increase its bandwidth. “In coming years, we are going to spread our wings to the Emirates. We also have plans to start consulting in Facility Management, Commercial Leasing, Corporate Leasing sectors and are planning to expand our operations in Middle East and African regions after successfully establishing in Nepal,” concludes Rajesh.