Raah Financials: Bringing Excellence to the Financial Landscape

CIO Vendor In today's ever changing global economy, understanding investment options can be a daunting, time-consuming task for most individuals. Thus, the need for expert solutions from experienced financial consultants is always valued among businesses. This is where Bangalore based Raah Financials steps in as a savior. Established by four visionary entrepreneurs Rahul Bansal, Alok Agarwal, Harshit Jain and Ravikanth Jetty, Raah brings reliable financial consulting solutions to the fore. The organization was born out of their collective passion for starting a customer centric company offering customized solutions to help its clients pursue their investment opportunities. “Since client satisfaction is one of our priorities, we go to great lengths to implement practices that guarantee an efficient, fluid and friendly relationship, promoting a culture of excellent service to our clients,” says Alok Agarwal, Director, Raah Financials.

Raah Financials offers various financial services, ranging from stock broking and insurance to wealth management. Raah continues to run on the same philosophy it started with i.e., “Consumers deserve the best”. This concept can be further added to say that it is all about understanding the needs of clients and recognizing that everyone’s economic and life situation is unique. “Personalized service is essential when matching clients with the right financial products and services” adds Alok. Since inception till date, Raah has matured internally by doing what it does best, right from expanding its customer database, winning businesses, achieving set financial objectives to setting best practices for customers alike then finally taking on other financial businesses in the market and emerging as one of the leading financial consultant in Bangalore.
Every business bears the burden of building trust among the customers, but Raah as a financial consultant deals with an added responsibility of dealing clients money too.

The company pro-actively addresses its clients issues that revolve around mutual trust, transparency, response time and clients expectations to maintain long lasting associations. “We have been authentic in everything we do from day one, helping our customers, current and prospective, believe in and trust the brand we are building”, says Alok. And thus, the entire company is focused around speed, service and perfection.

Personalized service is essential when matching clients with the right financial products and services

Prior planning helped Raah overcome obstacles that arose while progressing and expanding further. “We have successfully dealt with problems such as getting clients initially who could put their trust and money with us, getting talented and motivated team on board, and have continued to grow and expand. Within a year or so, we had fought our way to secure enough capital to remain afloat.” recollects Alok. With about 30 employees, 280 active customers and two established branches in the country, Raah Financials had a record breaking turnover of 2280 Crores in a single day. Raah was awarded the ‘Best Performing Stock Broker in Bangalore 2014-15’ and ‘Super Star Performer in Bangalore 2015’. The organization has also catered to numerous leading brands across sectors and has earned their trust by providing them with most suitable financial solutions.

With a strong cash flow, good financial position, and increased market share, Raah plans to lay its focus on business expansion to major cities in India. This increased pool of potential customers can dramatically improve sales, resulting in increased profitability. Going forward, the company predicts a promising outlook in the coming years and foresees little to no problem in its very own IPO release.