Santa Fe Associates India Providing Specialized, Cost-Effective Solutions to Businesses

CIO Vendor Maintenance of accounts and finances remains/is a crucial task for any organization, which if ignored can cause great/irreparable damage. The need for accounting journals to be kept clean is not only essential but has been proven over the years, cardinal. Thus, several businesses seek external support from financial consulting companies. A firm that provides specialized support for these businesses is Santa Fe Associates India Pvt. Ltd. (SFAI). The organization was originally incepted as ABC Managcons, Pvt. Ltd. which after heading for a strategic co-operation agreement with Santa Fe Associates International Inc. (USA) acquired its present name and technical support.

Detailing/Stating the objective of this association, Aniruddha Hom Chowdhury, Managing Director, Santa Fe Associates India says “Santa Fe Associates International Inc. is a worldwide network of accountants and financial consultants having presence in more than 45 countries across the globe. Our association with Santa Fe Associates International has provided us with global outlook and presence across the globe.” Santa Fe Associates India offers solutions for setting-up businesses, legal compliance, financial and inventory reconciliation apart from other client specific requirements. The company brings/provides expert support/solutions regarding management issues consulting, tax advisory, organizational design, conflicts resolutions etc. the organization aims to provide cost effective solutions to its clients with the help of technology to ensure enhanced operational efficiency.

The entry of Santa Fe into the market did not create the ripple that was expected of it, but the securing of Maruti Suzuki in its clientele in its early
years gave it the much needed boost to carry the company forward. The Maruti Suzuki project required Santa Fe executives to analyze the financial performance of 300 odd dealers of Maruti across the country and advise them on operational changes so as to improve their financial results. . The company has handled numerous other challenging projects that have helped it expand to other Indian cities such as Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhopal etc. In its list of clients, the company counts Paypal India Private Limited, Oracle India Private Limited, Boston Scientific B.V, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Alcatel Lucent, Sandong, Toshiba, Toyota, Siemens and other leading names.

Santa Fe (SFAI) is a professional administrative firm that works on the philosophy of comprehending market opportunities & clients’ needs and strategizing to deliver desired services

The accounting industry is chock-a-block with new players each vying to make a mark for itself. In such a scenario, Santa Fe (SFAI) has been continually taking up toughest of challenges and has emerged a successful contender in the field of accounting. . From dealing with the clients’ expectations of availing cost effective services with highest quality assurance to managing the multi-locational clients and providing apt solutions for their specific requirements, the organization does everything. Santa Fe (SFAI) is a professional administrative firm that works with the philosophy of comprehending market opportunities & clients’ needs and strategizing to deliver desired services.

In the years to come, the company aims to dedicate its efforts towards going global. “The next few years are very crucial for the development of the company since it has already created the base for entering the big arena. The alliance with an International brand along with its strategic presence across the country shall help the company project itself as an alternative to bigger companies,” adds Aniruddha. The company has been nominated as the best accounting network in the Third world countries and it aims to continue its association with them in addition to helping multi-national SMEs who aim to set up businesses in India as well as Indian Corporates to expand beyond India.