NJ India Invest: Committed to Empowering Budding Financial Advisors

CIO Vendor The financial services sector has long been touted as a major contributor to India’s path to development, accounting for nearly six per cent of GDP in 2014-15. However, the scenario in the early 90s was different. Due to massive retail investments routed towards postal and Bank FDs and various other plantation schemes, the country faced serious economic crisis. At that juncture, channelizing retail savings through the right avenues became crucial. Noticing this industry wide void for investment advisors, Neeraj Choksi and Jignesh Desai, founded NJ Group in order to cater to the financial advisory needs of the industry. Driven by their passion to help clients gain financial well-being and their resolve to transform lives, the founders have successfully put NJ Group on the forefront of innovation and growth.

NJ India Invest Pvt Ltd is a B2B platform and a leading player in the Indian financial services industry. Known for its strong distribution capabilities, the Surat headquartered company has a highly successful track record of providing value added services to its clients. Jignesh Desai, Founder, NJ India Invest, says, “We are committed to provide our customers with continuous, long-term improvements and value-additions to meet their expectations.”
The company is armed with financial technologies required to assist its clients in equity, debt, insurance, real estate and other investment plans. Owing to the lack of educational facilities in the field, the company trains financial advisors from the very basics and ensures that they understand both, investment plans and client’s requirements.

Apart from training services, NJ Group also has a technology platform that takes care of MIS and customer services. It renders marketing services with the help of its unique technology. The company also creates newsletters, visiting cards and uses innovative campaigning methods through marketing materials to invite people in order to build their career in financial services. Creating business plan for the financial advisors and assisting them in joint calls is another vital service provided by the company. NJ Group has over 20,000 financial advisors all across India.

It is important to understand client’s financial goals and NJ Group spends a lot of time planning long term returns

“It is important to understand client’s financial goals and we spend a lot of time planning long term returns,” says Mr. Neeraj Choksi, Founder, NJ Group. Both the promoters believe that 'Trust' has played a crucial role in NJ's journey—in every step that they have taken so far. Even though the company has grown leaps and bounds, the team’s approach remains simple and professional. NJ Group vision is to encourage every Indian to participate in wealth creation process and generate a skilled team of financial advisors who could reach every nook and corner of the country. The company plans to extend its insurance services to the health sectors in the near future. It is safe to say that NJ is poised for further growth in the days to come.