Unimarks Legal Solutions: Trademark and Copyright Specialists Delivering Efficient Legal Solutions

CIO Vendor In today’s business world where there is a necessary demand for protecting intellectual property, leading business firms have also woken up to the criticality of trademarks, copyrights and patents. As a result, both corporations and individuals are stepping up their measures to tackle this issue. Therefore, the role of a law firm is also evolving but only a few who specialize in protection of intellectual property can credit themselves with the extent of success achieved by Unimarks Legal Solutions. In an industry where established law firms rule, Unimarks had to work very hard to create a niche of itself. The company’s core strength lies in areas of Intellectual Property and Litigation.

The company also gets actively involved with clients, and helps them decide the best ways to choose a brand before adopting a trademark

Assisting startups and budding entrepreneurs on how to validate a trademark, advising them on what kind of trademark they have to choose, and how to make their products distinctive from the existing brand are some of the company’s services that have helped them win a great deal of appreciation from all corners of the industry.
The company was founded in 2011 by Suresh Kumar who today is the managing attorney. An expert in intellectual property rights, trademark and copyright matters, Suresh has been at the forefront of the company’s operations. Reflecting on the journey, he says, “We had to prove ourselves at every point. From one client to more than one thousand, surely we have come a long way.”
The intellectual property area unlike traditional legal practice is a new and growing field and clients usually prefer renowned law firms over startups. Suresh aptly explains the challenges they faced in the early years of the firm, “Initially, it was very hard to convince clients. Our challenge was not just to provide them with the right legal advice but also to show them how our organization is different and why they should believe us.” Within a year, owing to their quality services and a dedicated team of lawyers, the dynamic law firm overcame these challenges. Unimarks now manages its client’s trademark and copyright concerns with utmost diligence by initially preparing a blueprint of possible solutions when it comes to trademark and copyright infringement matters. The company also gets actively involved with clients, and helps them decide the best ways to choose a brand before adopting a trademark. The company’s lawyers apply all their wits and experience in assisting clients to get quick registration of trademarks so as to give clients ample time to develop their brand and market it effectively.
The versatile law firm also provides legal assistance in terms of taxation, corporate laws, company certifications, licenses and business interactions with government. Headquartered in Chennai, the firm is associated with several other law firms spread across the country. Suresh adds, “Even if it is not our area of expertise we direct them so that they can get proper assistance from our fellow legal associates.” Unimarks’ clientele is also impressive and includes leading Pharma companies, reputed IT firms, and manufacturing giants among others. With their plans to expand to the northern part of India, the stage is set for Unimarks to almost double its number of clients and achieve greater success in the years to come.