Patracode Services:A Unique Platform for Intellectual Property Solutions

CIO Vendor By understanding a client’s business model, processes, technologies and policies thoroughly and objectively, consultants are often in a better position to help their clients strategize for their long term growth. A proper alignment of the consultants with their clients is vital in chalking out the right course. Noting the depth of involvement required and the opportunities that lie ahead, Kavita Poddarand Gaurav Singhal founded Patracode Services in 2010, with the sole motto of delivering IP related services to their client’s satisfaction. Since its inception, Patracode has always been a client centric company, moving hand in hand with each of its clients. The company provides a wide array of services and products pertaining mostly to Intellectual Property.
Patracode has something unique to its name; the name of the company originated from the initials of the services it provides, namely: Patent (Pa), Trademark (Tra), Copyright (Co) and design (de).The company provides a wholesome guide of intellectual property services related to Patent and design, Trademark, Copyright and Legal support. With the right mix of skills, expertise, innovation and collaboration, the company provides high quality services to its clients. Patracode’s range of services cover search and analysis, prosecution support, clients R&D, licensing support, patent drafting, trademark application filing and copy right handling.
Building on the clients’ strengths and weaknesses, Patracode’s team takes a closer look into client’s strategic requirements to technological needs and from designing company’s logo to the future development.
Bangalore being the breeding ground for start-ups came up as an obvious choice of location for Gaurav, an IP attorney, and Kavita to start their company. However due to lack of financial support, experience and resource, Patracode faced tough times initially.

“Providing services as a consultant based company was the toughest part of the journey,” says Kavita. With great aplomb, she single handedly took the responsibility of reselling patent search tools and databases, and in that process worked with few IT giants such as Honeywell, Bosh, John Deere, Emerson, Aditya Birla, RPG Life Science, Momentive, IIT Mumbai, CSIR, CII, NRDC.Later, with Gaurav’s full time intervention, the company started providing services and over- hauled all the odds it faced so far.

Unlike other service providers, who paint a hazy picture, Patracode believes in presenting a clear picture for its clients and vouches for taking a linear growth path. The company meticulously analyses the nitty-gritty of the client’s businesses, and personally gets involved into suggesting specific growth plans.
Kavita stressed, “Our motto to outshine lies in our clients’ success and satisfaction.” Following this ideology, the company in a short span of time has grown immensely in terms of office premises, employees and financial gains.
Presently, the company is well known in the IP fraternity, and has a huge clientele base including WIPRO, PESIT, BIT Mesra, BVB College of Engineering & Technology, Hubli, many start-up companies like Flick2know, GPS Renewables, Brain Programmerss and Talkin to name a few.

Striking high in the IP services space, Patracode targets to be the exclusive shop for all the IP requirements around the world. With the unveiling of its U.S subsidiary, the company plans to go global pretty soon. Gaurav concludes by saying, “In next 5-10 we plan to render services to the clients throughout world, while making their transition much smoother and worthwhile.”