Stellarix Consultancy Services: Shaping IP Consulting with Critical Innovation

CIO Vendor Iintellectual Property (IP) has, over the years, played a crucial role in businesses, and, that has now escalated to the point where specialized skills and know how are trusted upon to achieve the cutting edge and the security that any industry requires. Formed in 2009, Stellarix Consultancy Services (SCS) set out to raise the benchmark in IP Consulting and assistance. Their mantra was simple: ‘Treat all clients equally and every project as the first.’ Abhinav Goyal, the Founder & Director, also an IIT-Kanpur alumnus, floated the company with the vision of providing high quality research and analytics to clients worldwide. SCS is now based out of Jaipur and its headcount currently stands at 62.

Whether our client is a global firm looking for innovative solutions to a technology roadblock, or a start up, our primary goal is to add value to their businesses in the most cost effective ways possible withoutcompromising the quality of our workwhatsoever

Stellarix’s goal is to provide consistent reports and solutions at a competitive price to the global business fraternity. Through their own prior experiences, the team realized the importance of clients being given the flexibility to customize their demands as per their needs, and the services and solutions must revolve around achieving the desired goals.The firm hired a potent talent pool from various colleges in their endeavor of providing quality service. The company then started working with bio-tech and pharmaceutical companies and in the process, became a big player in that space. But, it was the perseverance that saw them soar. “There was an initial phase of constant struggle. We had to fight to be accepted, as most companies weren’t ready to rely on our credibility. Similarly, the best talents were reluctant to join a startup like ours. It was a double-edged knife, but with time, we established ourselves and delivered the goods,” Abhinav says.

Stellarix is a boutique IP company that provides a plethora of customisable services. They have broadly classified their services into Innovation Support, Prior Art Searching and Patent Preparation. Enhancing the R&D by suitably choosing the right technology at the right time enables clients to stay on track. Similarly, Competitive Intelligence is a service focussed at keeping the client informed about his rivals and competitors. Patent search solutions, which include comprehensive landscape analysis, portfolio analysis, white space analysis and IP watch, lets the clients evaluate their R&D programs and IP strategies vis-à-vis their competitors. They also execute various prior art searches and patent preparation services for affordable prices.
Stellarix has racked up an impressive list of clientele, though they’re bound by strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. “Whether our client is a global firm looking for innovative solutions to a technology roadblock, a start up seeking IP research or a legal firm looking for patent search solutions, our primary goal is to add value to their businesses in the most cost effective ways possible without compromising the quality of our work whatsoever,” Abhinav elaborates, while explaining what sets them apart from their competitors. The company is already certified with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, and will be implementing ISO 27000 accreditation soon too.
Stellarix’s growth has been remarkable thus far, and the decision to keep diversifying is only a natural one. “We want to evolve, add more services to our existing list of offerings and, in the process, increase our presence globally. We’re a progressive company, and therefore, we wish to use all the resources at hand to excel in our endeavour of serving across industries and verticals,” Abhinav concludes.