PNJ Legal & IT Consultants: Raising the Bar in Legal and Financial Consulting Market

CIO Vendor Any organization depends heavily on appraisals and timely evaluation of the health of its business. The base of such ‘health check-ups’ are mainly productivity, perpetuity, liquidity and brand equity. And, to make it a transparent and accurate process, the responsibilities of such evaluations are entrusted on external and independent advisory firms, who specialize in the field. PNJ Legal & IT Consultants is one such organization with the specific acumen to provide evaluative IP-centric legal solutions to companies. Headed by Founding Partner, Paras Mittal, PNJ set sail in the year 2009. Interestingly, the company name was coined from the initials of the three partners – Paras, Neha and Jyotika.

PNJ has so far tried to address the aspect of future ventures and tie-ups while valuing a company’s IP assets

Brand valuation, which is a tricky thing due to the vast area it covers, includes trademarks, fixed and current assets, equities, ventures, livestock etc. But, what the market is being plagued by, at this moment, is the lack of understanding and knowledge of the intricacies of the process of valuation. PNJ has so far tried to address the aspect of future ventures and tie-ups while valuing a company’s IP assets. Also, valuation of livestock is a sensitive case, as a lot of aspects like future scenarios, projections, age and possibilities have to be kept in mind while valuing it. These are two core areas that PNJ has tactfully handled and the results are positive. Of course, it came with the basic challenge of making the clients aware of the reasons and rationales of the process of evaluation. Faith in their credibility was initially found wanting, but over time, PNJ acquired clients’ trust to become a key player in the space.
Over the years, PNJ has evolved and grown into a more experiential organization. Today, their list of services include Trademark, Copyright, Patent & IP-related services, Auditing services, Accounting & Assurance services, Corporate Governance services, Special Investigative services, Taxation services and Legal Compliance services, among others. It’s this constant innovation and improvisation, clubbed with the client-first approach, which makes PNJ quite a unique entity. “Our constant endeavour is to understand the client needs and implement our services accordingly. We pride ourselves for keeping our clients first and rallying around them for the best solution that cater to their interests. Also, what started as a core IP-based organization has now diversified into a number of verticals within the legal periphery of company governance,” Paras glorifies the ascendancy of PNJ.
Looking ahead, PNJ has a number of watertight plans in the pipeline. “We are looking at a number of expansion plans in the next few years. Firstly, we want to expand our team. Currently, the headcount stands at 7-8, and we intend to set up not just a steady in-house team, but also bring on board more key associates who’d add value to the company. Also, we plan to float more offices around the country and reach out to MNCs and home-grown companies alike,” Paras signs off.