Lifeintelect Consultancy - Protecting Ideas and innovations through unbiased solutions

CIO VendorIdeas and innovations are unique and they need to be protected’, having realized this Dr. Lipika Sahoo was compelled to leave her dream job as a scientist and venture into the IP protection sector to help organizations secure their ideas and innovations. As she says, in today’s world technology is rapidly changing, thus innovation and protection of IP plays a very critical role in the growth process of a company or institution. Understanding this need of the modern corporate she incorporated Lifeintelect Consultancy Pvt. Ltd in the year 2012. Moreover, the firm understands the very truth that IP protection is cardinal to organization’s success and IP protection is crucial to address the challenges of the global market. “We work as a trustworthy partner with our clients. We combine our expertise in technology, IP law and management to provide solutions to clients.

Poised to achieve greater heights, the strong team and series of satisfied clients, give this Bangalore based firm the strength to look forward to the future

We have the flexibility of a small firm coupled with the robustness of an experienced team and we strive to make our customer stay competitive maximizing their business value from IP assets,” says Dr. Lipika Sahoo,
Founder and CEO, Lifeintelect Consultancy. Growing by realizing the true needs and fullfilling the shortcoming in the IP industry, today, the firm provides end to end solutions for IP; Patents, Industrial Design, Trademark, Copyrights etc.
Though IP is a buzzword in developed countries, in India tremendous awareness is required for the same, this is what the firm realized when they set foot in IP sector. So they conduct regular seminars and workshops on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for startups & research organizations to educate the sector.. Working with various verticals including Mechanical, Software, Electronics, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Nanotechnology; Lifeintelect, is a soup to nuts provider in IP advisory, solutions and services. “Our IP solution encompasses services for copyright, trademark, patent, plant variety registration, industrial design etc. We offer IP search, non-patent comprehensive search & analysis, drafting, filing, follow-up of office actions and IP management services” she expounds. Started with technology consulting, patent search, patent drafting, IP analytics and patent landscape, today the firm spreads it wings over all important branches of IPR like trademark, copyright, industrial design, IP lifecycle management, managenent consulting and IP education & training. Unlike others in the market, Lifeintelect realizes the need for the attention that technology and healthcare industry needs; the firm provides techno-legal consulting across a diverse range of disciplines including Software, Engineering, Life Sciences, Health care, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Nanotechnology.
Every business is different so are their problems and requirements; providing optimum solutions for each problem is not plain sailing. “We study customer’s business requirement, their challenges and come up with actionable recommendations and strategic solutions considering business needs and budget of the client, we deliver exceptional value,” says Lipika. Initially the firm was serving independent inventors, research scientists and today the firm delivers IP services to varieties of start-ups, SMEs, MNC and premier research institutes across India.
Poised to achieve greater heights, the strong team and series of satisfied clients, give this Bangalore based firm the strength to look forward to the future. “Going forward we believe there is a huge demand for skilled IP professionals and with our seasoned team of PhDs, experts and IP professionals we can address the needs of the Indian market, serving both private and public sector and also working as partners with law firms aboard,” says Lipika as she signs off.