Netrika Consulting: The Navigator in Consulting and Investigation Sphere

CIO Vendor Prior to launching new products or services, companies need to meticulously evaluate the intellectual property landscape. In fact, they need to plan out the entire lifecycle of their Intellectual Property and develop strategies to maximize their IP portfolio in the long run. In today’s competitive business environment, procurement of IPs is as important as enforcement. Understandably, in such situations, Intellectual property rights (IPR) companies work as sharp navigators. Identifying the burning industry need for IPR experts and changing market dynamics, Sanjay Kaushik, MD, floated the company Netrika Consulting India Pvt Ltd, a professional risk and integrity management company with an aim to enhance clients’ focus on their core competency in a risk free environment. Leveraging his 21 years of experience in the industry, Sanjay incepted the company to be the very first global IPR and investigation company based in India.

Netrika Consulting relies on its extensive experience in understanding client’s business needs, and holds protection of their IPs as its top priority

Allying well with the company name, Netrika—which, in Sanskrit, means a symbol of vision and acute observation, the company relies on its extensive experience in understanding client’s business needs, and holds protection of their IPs as its top priority.
Netrika handles a broad mix of work spanning across Forensic and Investigation Services (FIS), Due Diligence, Background Checks, Risk Monitoring & Assessment, Security Audits, Brand Protection, Women Security and Training and Cyber Forensics. The company has spread its wings across the global market, while operating from Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Singapore and Dubai.

The company stands ahead while following a client centric approach and flexibility in their system. To support the flexibility, the company encourages their clients to discuss the issues openly. Sanjay further explains, “Our approach is to be an extension to the client’s team by providing specific solutions to each of them.” Jelling well with the client, the company maintains a close partnership with them, rather than, a vendor and client relationship. Sanjay adds, “Back then, when not many companies existed in this domain and few were involved in individual cases, I along with a teammate started helping clients, who were facing IPR issues.” Unlike the renowned IPR firms, where priority is to meet their own revenue target first and enforce IPR subsequently; giving minimal importance to the outcome of the enforcement and the client’s gain—Netrika handles the client projects while ensuring a proper ROI for their investment.
Relying on the strong team of 75 experienced and young team members, the company has already worked with some of the bigwigs in the industry which includes many fortune 100 companies in almost all the sectors including Software, Automobile, Pharma, Apparels, Luxury Goods etc. However, Sanjay believes that the growth in this industry lies with the successful delivery of the project and not the clientele. Lack of adequate colleges, training institutions and courses in IPR domain often impairs timely delivery of the projects. Also, the absence of the right manpower, number of people with the relevant background affects the reputation of the company.

Beating all odds, Netrika has witnessed a sky high growth in over a span of two years. Aiming high Sanjay adds, “Our focus in the future will be to spread further and have offices in major countries whilst being the biggest and topmost company in India and raise the Indian flag high in global market.” Always pursuing innovation in their field, the company already has dedicated online anti-piracy team and is looking forward to launching a mobile app which could help its clients in fighting counterfeiting issues.