Lex Protector International: Making a Mark Globally by Providing SpecializedIP Services

CIO Vendor The big leap for mankind over the centuries lies in our constant endeavor to unfold and create something new. Undoubtedly, the human urge to innovate has pushed us to a state where we are today. But, that doesn’t seem to end here. Globally, there are advancements in every domain. Eyeing the constant stream of innovations and new business ideas, Aurobinda Panda realized the importance of delivering quality Intellectual Property (IP) services so that innovators abide by the strict IP laws as they innovate. While in college pursuing his law degree, Aurobinda along with his friends envisioned far enough to start a Global IP venture. But managing the semester exams and the business venture single handedly was obviously not an easy task. A rising entrepreneur back then, Aurobinda, nonetheless, was able to overcome the challenges with his hard work and perseverance. In the year 2012, he formally launched Lex Protector International Law firm. There has been no looking back since.
Lex Protector provides specialized IP related services which includes Trademark search, Registration and Trademark Watch, among others. Explaining the company’s services Aurobinda adds, “We always aim to provide our clients multi-jurisdictional services for protection of their Intellectual Properties. This is because Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) per se may be territorial in nature, but their impact is worldwide."
Aurobinda’s vision to create a Global IP Venture, unlike traditional ‘chamber’ based law-firms, provide the firmwith much needed focus to understand and work with other start-ups and innovative individuals. The company’s cost effective IP rights services has allured many startups as well as established companies and, in the process, the company has earned an impressive clientele including both domestic and international clients. The company’s global client list includes Blue Horizon Development LLC, K1 Group, TintFX, SSH Entertainment INC, Vinci, Starpack Products Pty Ltd., Satcap India and GLAMFIT, among many others.

Understanding very well that IP services are sector-specific as well as specific to each client, the company provides a comprehensive set of services taking foremost care of the client’s needs and requirements. The company delves into clients’ wholesome requirements starting from naming the business to domain services, and from company incorporation to trademark registration. The company’s array of services under Patent Law covers prior art search to prepare for patent application filing, drafting patent application and responding to Office Actions or objections raised by Patent Examiners in the course of their Patent examination. In addition to that, Lex Protector also handles specific services such as "lex startup", designed for the entities that have just entered the market, and “TM watch", designed for clients to protect their marks from any sort of infringement.
Operational challenges such as lack of quality resources and awareness about Intellectual Property in general did impede the company’s functioning initially. However, over the years, Lex Protector has witnessed a steady growth. A consistent delivery of quality services by the company has given the impetus for its exponential growth. Commenting on the expansion plans, Aurobinda adds, “We are planning to expand both in terms of human capital as well as networking. We’ll be setting up our first Branch Office next year in Ahmedabad.” Providing the best services to its clients in the IP sector, the company has touched almost all the continents and won the “Startup of the year” title in the field of Intellectual Property.