Your Image and I : Building Strong Images and Brands

CIO Vendor ‘Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely’, is an adage that’s true for everyone. Shreya Dhingra, a young entrepreneur believes the same. During her tenure at several established MNCs, Shreya realized that People Management and Relationship plays an integral role in an individual’s carrier graph—an often untold fact that contributes significantly to one’s success. After analyzing the industry wide void of a committed image coach and with her insights gained from personal experiences, she decided to venture into Image coaching and Consulting Services. It was then in 2011 that she incorporated ‘Your Image and I’ to provide people skill and nonverbal training to individuals and corporates.

During the first two years the company faced identity crisis issues within the industry. Shreya adds, “The scarcity of Image Coaches was the reason why people misinterpreted my work and services.” However, with proper marketing of Shreya’s core areas of specialization and through continuous learning and development, she overcame the initial hurdles. She even went out of her way and got herself certified in the areas of business communication, corporate dressing, body language and non-verbal behavior, and passionately worked out to be a key player in the industry.
Your Image and I offers two clear categories of Image Coaching. One focuses on mastering people skills and personal behavior, while the other focuses on mastering one’s presence and impact through body language, powerful voice and appropriate dressing. Shreya, Founder & Managing Director adds, “I tailor make solutions to suit the most crucial needs of my clients and ensure that with improved skills, they succeed in whatever they do.” Apart from that, the company provides result oriented coaching, which is highly practical and applicable, so much so that clients can start practicing the lessons from day one.

Individual training provided by the company covers personality development, wardrobe and styling, corporate skills, executive business league, personal shopper service and many other related skills. Corporate services comprising of one to three days of training cover leadership coaching, business enhancement coaching and image enhancement. As every individual is unique, they face different problems in holding their assertiveness like fear of presentation, shyness, lack of confidence and exhibiting charisma through body language, voice and dressing. Your Image and I identifies the root cause of the problem, and personalizes sessions according to the individual client’s specific requirement. The company’s friendly attitude towards clients ensures that clients feel free to share their weaknesses and be more forthcoming.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the company has clients spread across the country from various industries and professions such as business owners, corporate professionals, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, senior managers, artists, chefs, beauty pageant contestants, entrepreneurs, trainers and home makers. ExxonMobil, Columbia Asia, EMC2, Samsung, Sparsh Hospital, HCL, NIFT are some of the company’s elite clients. Shreya has been recognized as the Top 30 finest Image Coaches of India. To fuel its next phase of growth, Your Image and I is looking for generous VC funding by 2017 so as to project the Company as a one stop Executive Image Coaching company.