Skillwise Consulting: Creating Radical Workforce Development Training Programs

“A strong economy begins with a strong, well-educated workforce.” This quote by Bill Owens is a reflection of the contribution that the workforce can make to an organization’s success. With continuous efforts, appropriate skills required for the job and the right approach, a team can bring forth steady growth of an entity. However, every organization, irrespective of its size and nature of business needs to consider unremitting growth and development of its employees. To make this happen, either the employee has to explore ways to step up to the next level, which remains a rare possibility. Thus, such initiatives are needed to be taken by companies to keep their employees updated and competent. This was made possible with the commencement of Skillwise Consulting, the flagship company of Skillwise Group. The company offers corporate training solutions and project & technology consulting services to corporates across verticals.

Delivering Futuristic Training Solutions

Founded in 2013, Skillwise Consulting aims to provide quality workforce development training programs globally. The founders of the company witnessed a gap between the operational working group and emerging technologies and legacy systems being introduced to them. To deal with this, they created Skillwise, a name capable enough to bridge this skill gap. Elaborating the company’s approach, Bastian Babu, Founder & CEO, Skillwise Consulting says, “We at Skillwise build a strong, experienced and competent team of learning and development professionals who engage more than 200 subject matter experts with job level competencies in the respective technologies and domains.”Addressing the need for a skill upgrade in almost every sector, the company introduced training programs for technical workforce, leadership programs and foreign languages training apart from domain specific training programs.

Skillwise has been handling International training programs apart from delivering staffing and placement solutions in the US

CIO Vendor The company also adapts to technological methods for knowledge transfer such as virtual classrooms and labs.

Adapting to a Result-Driven Approach

Skillwise was brought to existence with the assurance of better output from workforce apart from reduced turnaround time and improved returns on investments. The company intends to bring a change to the way the corporate world works. However, initially, when the industry had multiple challenges for the company to witness, the team geared up for a victorious future. From boot camp training, integrated instructor led online virtual class to providing training material to clients and identifying off the shelf solutions, the company did everything. Skillwise have more than 400 courses for its corporate clients. The team has also conducted online training programs spanning over 2500 hours. “Our programs help our clients to face their customers and maintain great rapport with all stakeholders for repeat and referral business,” explains Bastian.
Planning for the future remains a major task for every organization. Skillwise Consulting too has been working on its plans for future growth. The company apart from its India operations has commenced operations in the U.S. and other countries as well. Skillwise has been handling International training programs apart from delivering staffing and placement solutions in the U.S. In the coming years, the organization plans to expand geographically. Thus, one of the major focus areas for the team would be to manage overseas assignments.