Jigsaw Academy: Nurturing and Creating Industry Ready Analysts

CIO Vendor E-Learning has caused a revolutionary shift in the learning and development industry heralding an era of innovative learning systems throughout the internet. Jigsaw Academy, an online school for analytics is one such organization spearheading this shift. Founded by Gaurav Vohra and SaritaDigumarti, the firm is poised to play a crucial role in identifying and nurturing analytic talent worldwide. “Our core strength is the fact that we offer Industry relevant course content to our students,” says Gaurav. The duo has built content that is based on real life business problems faced by industry experts. Leveraging the expertise and industry experience of the Jigsaw faculty which consists of industry experts from around the world, the firm is working towards bridging the skill gap in the industry.

Filling the Skill Gap in the Analytics Industry
Jigsaw identified early that there is dearth of skilled individuals in specialized fields such as big data or analytics. With the advent of digitization, enterprises are today on the lookout for ‘upskilling’ existing resources as well as providing training to fresh hires so that they have an employee pool that is able to tackle a variety of problems. Founded in 2010, Jigsaw Academy’s key courses revolve around analytics and are rendered at different levels such as, beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. BigData Analytics, Data Scientific Certification, Web Analytics, Fraud Analytics, and Retail Analytics are a few areas that the firm’s services focus on. SaritaDigumarti, Co-founder, Jigsaw Academy says, “Corporate workshops, Cluster Analytics, Financial Analytics, HR Analytics are some other key fields that we focus on”.

Adopting a Hands-on Approach to Learning
Considering the potential growth in Business Analytics, Jigsaw Academy
aims at creating the best analysts through a blend of concepts and real life business case studies. Not only adopting a ‘learning-by-doing’ teaching methodology, Jigsaw also emphasises on the quality of content, quality of instructors, and the quality of ‘hands’ on the virtual lab which has been their differentiator in the market. Jigsaw has managed to set-up a virtual lab where large amounts of data, case studies and latest analytical tools are used to help create industry ready professionals. “Being the first mover in the analytics training industry, we were left to build the curriculum from scratch. For nine months, we worked closely with professors from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), industry experts, and academicians to develop the content for each course,” says Sarita. She also adds that Jigsaw has trained over 45,000 students and professionals across 30 countries.

Jigsaw Academy therefore aims at creating the best analytics expertise for the industry by training students and corporate professionals who are industry ready

Jigsaw aims at penetrating foreign markets more aggressively with a variety of content production and SMEs identification so that it empowers companies to create quality analytics medium. Jigsaw also aspires to create quality training material related to analytics across multiple tools, technologies and domains, with an emphasis on real life application and high quality content and delivery methodology. The company is striving to create mobile compatible analytics content with contributions from industry experts from around the world. Having earned a nod from the industry in form of coveted awards such as ‘Best Upcoming Academy for Analytics Courses in Bangalore’ by ‘Best Upcoming Academy for Analytics Courses in Bangalore the firm is poised for a brighter future.

Jigsaw Academy, the Online School of Analytics, received 20 crore INR in funding fromManipal Global Education Services (MaGE) in December 2015. The company would be using these funds from MaGE to expand its offerings and to penetrate new markets.