Stratforward Marketing Consulting: Bringing that ‘Edge’ to Technology Marketing

CIO Vendor Four years ago when a leading IT company signed up Stratforward for a C Suite Connect Program, it was plain vanilla, with very less traction. Today, the same program is a flagship initiative helping to boost sales by 85 percent across their portfolio of offerings. More importantly, the results of this program gained recognition even by their APAC region and the same program being implemented in those markets too.

Insight, Imagination and Innovation - Stratforward leverages all this to build customer connects that open up a world of opportunities for its clients. It helps that Stratforward has the advantage of broad spectrum experience. Jennyfer Rajan, who set up Stratforward, has had long stints with McCann, Ogilvy, Intel and IBM while the senior team has a combined experience of 60 years. Incorporated in the year 2007, this dynamic organization delivers comprehensive marketing strategies and offers a range of business support initiatives.

The best aspect of Stratforward Marketing Consulting is the desire to push boundaries. The new is pursued and perfected, always with the client’s goals in mind. Stratforward is alsototally results focused. The company’s experience in technology brands have helped deliver to set objectives. “Technology brands and services” were not marketed with the flair that they deserved; Stratforward has played a key role in changing all this. This is why we have been engaged with many of the marquee names in technology,” says Jennyfer Rajan, CEO Stratforward.
As the name suggests, Stratforward’s forte is strategy backed with compelling creative. Team Stratforward relies heavily on research, exploring territories that are untouched; to ensure that client customers get that ‘wow effect’. The company’s engagements are deep, and after 8 years, the company has won trust and respect from senior professionals at the clients end. Speed is another major Stratforward advantage, speed of thinking and speed of execution. “We build brand resonance and then ensure that this resonance leads to favourability for that product,” adds Jennyfer. From strategizing, creating implementable campaigns and execution of programs keeping accountability in the fore front, Stratforward does it all with finesse.

Our focus is ‘Advantage Marketing’ – a unique strategy that is focussed on customer, customer’s benefits and above all customer value. Build Value, Communicate Value and Distribute Value

The dynamic organization has built a strong niche for itself in the industry but had to go through its fair share of challenges to reach to the enviable position that it finds itself today. Finding traction in the industry was one of the major roadblocks in the early days. However, with continued persistence, the team vaulted over these challenges and gained traction across a broad spectrum of clients, mainly in the technology vertical. Today, some of the marquee Global IT names grace Stratforward's client list.

Stratforward today is looking at expanding its services beyond technology clients and the company has already seen some success. It is heartening to know that the Stratforward model of deep engagements is a success and the company is looking to expand its footprint geographically and vertically. As someone said, a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Today, Stratforward has many.