Geek Octopus: Delivering Distinguished Brand Consultancy Solutions

“A brand is a story that is always being told.” This quote by Scott Bedbury, an American branding consultantdelineates the value of branding for a business. In this competitive era, where every business needs to stand out, it’s crucial for every small or large entity to have branding strategies aligned with its goals. A wrong strategic move can be precariousfor a brand’s reputation. Considering the same, Anika Arora ventured into the field of brand consultancy and founded Geek Octopus, a full service branding agency. Headquartered in Mumbai, this brand consultancy was brought to existence to bring a change to the way Indian SMEs and family owned enterprises operate. Geek Octopus recognized the potential of such businesses and also the fierce competition faced by them. And, to combat the same, the company introduced an extended service portfolio that deals with strategy, creative, digital and technology related requirements of businesses.
Geek Octopus was founded in 2013 when almost all the sectors were witnessing the start-up boom and thus, the competition was fierce. The Geek Octopus team positively took up all the challenges and embarked on a journey that gradually turned into a success story. From dealing with its clients’ rigidity to adapt to new age methodologies to handling their brands’ reputation, the team managed everything with sheer ease.Detailing the company’s focus, Anika Arora, Founder &CEO, Geek Octopus says, “We, at Geek Octopus learnt quickly that passion is the key. What sets us apart and helps us overcome hurdles, is that we are simply driven by the passion to drive our clients’ businesses forward and add value to their brands by driving new leads, greater revenue and increasing their brand visibility.” CIO Vendor
Pledge To Deliver the Best
Geek Octopus offers an extended service portfolio that deals with almost every branding or strategy related need of the SMEs and start-ups.From formulating creative strategies &their execution to managing business strategy such as financial modelling and devising long term business plans, the company deals with everything.This new age agency has consistently been working to stand out and given Anika’s international background, has been heavily influenced by the West by the West.

We are obsessed with the immaculate way of doing things there, and the constant hunger to get better and strive to innovate

“We are obsessed with the immaculate way of doing things there and the constant hunger to get better and strive to innovate. This culture has been imbibed into our company’s DNA and our passion & enthusiasm only makes our work easier and enjoyable,” entails Anika. To come up with something new every now and then has always been the company’s mantra for consistent growth. One of the most relevant testimonies for this is its healthcare start-up initiative Another major initiative by the company is ‘Strategy Paper’, a product that entails a holistic competitive tailor-made strategy, a company’s Holy Bible of sorts, and is based on extensive research and a sound understanding of the business.
With continuous efforts andthe urge to innovate, the organization has been creating new experiences through its products and services that are also aligned with emerging technologies. In the years to come, the organization aims to continue offering expert business consulting solutions thatcan helpbusinesses grow. “Given the varied nature of work and the overwhelming response to our service offerings, Geek Octopus is looking to expand its team and create a pure consultancy spin off in the next few years. Geek Octopus will focus on being more along the lines of a creative agency whereas the spin-off will focus on being an affordable consultancy across business, creative, HR & operations,” says Anika.