Crux Management: Collaborating Innovation and Strategy to enhance Value

The Indian consultancy sector has come a long way from being on the sidelines to gaining the position of a game-changer in the ever evolving business consulting space. There was a time when industry insiders were wary about depending upon consultants but the same cannot be said in this age when there is a huge demand for consultancy firms to provide large corporations with their expertise and knowledge. One such firm which belongs to this group of experts who extend specialized consulting solutions to businesses is Crux Management. The company offers specialized solutions for consulting, BPO, HR, learning and assessment.

Crux Management’s capacity is upgraded by its profound industry expertise, domain knowledge, innovative approach, analytical rigor, collaborative relationship and motivated teams

Crux Management was incorporated with the combined efforts of Hema Jain, Dr. Vikas Singh and Rupa Deglurkar during the early 2000 when the country was going through economic reforms and liberalization. Crux began as a business research and enrollment association with an objective to tap MNCs that expected to comprehend the business sector and recognize the most ideal approach to serve the market. With an extensive knowledge base and value driven approach, the company started to serve organizations and associations such as Bell Canada, ANZ Grindlays, Dun & Bradstreet Whirlpool and LG amongst others.
Crux eventually tasted success but its journey was not devoid of hurdles. The key test for the team was the lack of infrastructure development and financing. Another major challenge was to hire resources as accomplished professionals were averse to taking risks in their careers with a start up. Be that as it may, it was an intriguing time. Hema Jain, Founder & CEO, Crux Management says, “Businesses were not ‘respected’ then. We were seen as people who started a business as we could not do anything else. But it was an interesting time. We had a dream and wanted to live that dream.”
CIO Vendor 'We dream with our eyes open' as they genuinely trusted that a dream alone is not adequate. They had to ‘work’ towards making that dream come alive.
Crux’s strength lays in offering business & organization transformation, research & operations, talent development, business intelligence and assessment solutions. These solutions are widely availed by organizations aiming for increased revenues, client satisfaction and business expansion. The company offers an extensive viewpoint that empowers clients to accomplish their objectives as well as to change their action plan. Also its insight, broad understanding and a deep knowledge and soundness engrained trust in the market. The team conveys responsive administration and noteworthy capabilities which further ensures returns for the customers. “A key measurement at Crux is the number of repeat clients. Most of our relationships are over five years. We measure our success in terms of enhancing value for the clients,” adds Dr. Vikas Singh, Founder, Crux Management.
Crux’s capacity is upgraded by its profound industry expertise, domain knowledge, innovative approach, analytical rigor, collaborative relationship and motivated teams. A key territory of focus is to digitize some of its programs in order to create a sustainable advantage for its clients. The organization also lays emphasis on trying to engage with the customers to bolster some core areas by positioning itself as a partner that knows the customer’s business and is subsequently ready to deliver solutions and enhance outcomes.