OrganIQ–Refining IQ & IT Governance through Consulting and Training

IT can be a strategic differentiator for organizations but the way it is being managed is sub-optimal; quality and productivity of its work force being the main reason behind it. Today, most of the middle management have moved into administrative roles and are unable to appreciate, understand and leverage the highly evolved frameworks. Given the large IT workforce, organizations are saddled with a massive problem on their hands. And looking at this opportunity, a number of Training & Consulting shops have sprung up within a short span of time. But OrganIQ holds a niche in this space. The consultancy is directed by three highly experienced Lead Consultants, naming Ashish Bhatia, RakeshSaoji and Deepak Sharma. Incepted in the year 2014, the organization is presently headquartered in Gurgaon with a motto to deliver exceptionalquality and productivity that delights their service takers.

OrganIQ is witnessing a significant growth since its inception and is working with some of the renowned organizations including Fortune 500 companies and a number of start-ups

“The name OrganIQ is comprised of two words – Organization and Intelligence Quotient (IQ). We humbly say that we can help improve the IQ of the companies we are working with,” suggests Deepak, who heads the Agility LoB. He believes that IT is a knowledge based industry and though there are a number of players offering training or consulting in it, yet one has tostruggle a lot to find one which stands out due to its quality and relevance. OrganIQ’s mantra is simple... “Just go the extra mile and you will stand out from the crowd!” “We take ownership of an organization's problems and use our expertise, knowledge, skills and experience to develop possible options for a way forward. Our only aim is creation of value for organizations.” he adds. The consultancy service includes portfolio/program management, agile consultancy/coaching, ITIL consulting/coaching and enterprise architecture. In addition to these the organization also works on IT service management, technical trainings and IT governance.
CIO Vendor Incorporating a business is not an easy task and being a new player in the block without any recognition takes a lot of hard work to overcome the initial challenges. But, positivity and endurance always rewards deserving successes and OrganIQ is sturdily heading towards it. Conversely, Deepak also mentions, “We have been professionals in our field for a number of years already, the expertise that we have developed and the business relationships that we have grown helped us tremendously as we began on our journey.”
The trio firmly believes that “Anything worth doing is worth doing well” and they have set their USP asbeing real and practical, offering customized training solutions, rendering holistic e-2-e approach, expert facilitators and innovative ‘pilot’ approach.The company possesses senior level consultants who have managed big transformation projects while playing senior leadership roles in MNCs. “Clients love the fact that we ourselves would work on their projects compared to the practice of bigger firms assigning junior consultants to them,” elaborates Deepak.
The company is witnessing a significant growth since its inception and is working with some of the renowned organizations including Fortune 500 companies and a number of start-ups. From a 3 member organization, OrganIQ now has grown to a 25 member enterprise which involves a network of senior consultants covering the breadth of topics on IT Governance. Looking forward to achieve more Deepak concludes saying, “We are aiming to go beyond India and are tying up with partners to establish our presence in Middle East and South East Asia as well.”