V3C3E3 Consultants: Creating new dynamics in IT Governance throughStrategic Inputs

The IT revolution has greatly influenced the industrial sector all across the globe and India is no exception. To match up to the IT standards and maintain a secured and disciplined industry, IT Governance laws were incorporated towards the end of the 20th century. Corresponding Indian laws have also evolved, but the corporate conglomerates have faced challenges in adoption of the IT Governance norms, due to complexities of implementation and due to sheer quantum of change that the industry has been going through on several fronts. When the veteran consulting practitioner, Girish Kelkar conceived the idea of establishing a consultancy firm, he and his core team of founders identified this gap in the IT Governance as one importance strategic need to be catered to, apart from helping industries deal with the Change. With the exceptionally talented and experienced team on board, V3C3E3 Consulting Group, has been providing these services since its inception.

The core competence of V3C3E3 lies in the years of experience and the polished skills of both the management and the executives coupled with the commitment to team up and make the clients win

V3C3E3, which stands for Vision, Value, Versatility; Competence, Commitment, Credibility; and Experience, Expertise, Excellence, is a one stop destination for companies across domains. The highly qualified and experienced team consists of 7 executive members supported by 45 associate consultants including people from seven different nations.The maestros at V3C3E3 offer a whole gamut of services across various verticals including establishing and enhancing the IT policies and standards, process improvements and updates, assessment of the effectiveness of IT & IS systems and handholding to bridge the gapsand so on. “V3C3E3 offers outstanding consulting services, out of which some like IT Governance, Risk Management, Human Resource, Management consultancy, growth and profitability enrichment are applicable to any domain and our domains of focus are Manufacturing, IT & Telecom, Fashion& textile, Infrastructure & Construction, and Training & OD,” adds Rajendra Sidhaye, Technical Director at V3C3E3.
CIO Vendor Today, the core competence of the firm lies in the years of experience and the polished skills of both the management and the executives coupled with the commitment to team up and make the clients win. Their motto and message to clients, rightly, is: ‘With us, You win!’
While talking about the inception and the initial challenges Girish Kelkar, Chairman and Managing Director expounds, “The major initial challenge was to make people know that we exist as a new outfit in the market and to deal with it we conducted dedicated seminars across major industrial cities and used the personalized contacts.” The changes in government policies within India coupled with uncertain global scenario also added to the impediments. But the hurdles were overcome with stupendous dexterity and in the first year saw a turnover of 7.5 million INR. The management aims at doubling the revenue in their second operational year. “Sometimes what clients come up with are mere symptoms and not the root causes of the problems. We thus make sure we go deep down to the roots of the problems by understanding what and where they lag to provide effective consulting,” elucidates Girish.
With an already emerging market in India and the Middle East, V3C3E3 has plans to expand its reach farther and beyond. Apart from IT governance, V3C3E3 also looks forward to strengthening its other vertices especially consulting for organizational growth and profitability enrichment, Business continuity and Risk Management and strategic HR consulting. The meticulous team V3C3E3 is devoted towards bringing brighter days and adding more and more feathers to their hats, withstanding and triumphing over every challenge that comes their way.