IVY Works: The Champion in IT and Compliance Governance Consultancy

The developments in the technology world have greatly benefitted the Indian industrial ecosystem making it a hub for numerous corporations. Both MNCs and SMEs have found their wheels running speedily and growing even more prosperously due to the tech drive and opening up of market. With the increase in opportunities there has been a considerable increase in the focus on quality governance especially in managing the IT issues and maintaining the regulatory compliance. While some big organizations have their own corporate governance and IT Governance teams on board, the mid and small sized corporations have to rely on external consultants to provide this service. IVY Works is one such advisory consultancy where a company can seek their recourse in IT governance.

IVY Works has been working in tight knit coordination with clients in order to render risk based services and elevate the industry standards

IVY Works, based in Bangalore, was instituted by a group of likeminded experts having extensive experience and knowhow of the compliance and governance landscape as it applies to the life sciences sector. The company set sails in 2010 and has been rendering complete services in regulatory compliance, validation, computerized system validation (CSV), spreadsheet validation and IT solutions to the clients, especially in the life sciences industry. With clients having to deal with multinational regulatory bodies, the complexities of IT Governance and compliance management becomes a hectic task and a diversified problem. “Establishing the appropriate level of controls and documentation to provide the required level of compliance was an area that many of our clients were challenged with,” says Yeshwant R Gurjer, Partner, IVY Works. To assist and work with their clients in understanding and managing their compliance and governance challenges out of these Gordian knots, the team at IVY Works proactively and retrospectively provides exclusive solutions by their adroit services.
CIO Vendor During the genesis of IVY Works, the demand for Computerized System Validation (CSV) was involuntary and not as immense as it is in today’s time. Services were still being provided by system integrators that lacked the necessary regulatory knowledge or industry best practices. IVY Works has been working in tight knit coordination with clients in order to render risk based services and elevate the industry standards. “We also made an effort to educate our clients on the importance of CSV and the implications of being non-compliant,” expounds Yeshwant. The team at IVY Works has profound experience and dexterity in providing compliance solutions to the life science industry. The due diligence and promptness in delivering the right solutions have enabled IVY Works benefit some of India’s best pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, the excellent track record that IVY Works has established has made it move ahead in the ladder board. It has the ability to take up any project of any size and complete it with highest precision, quality and timeliness.
The past five years that IVY Works has been operational have been quite eventful. It has seen a 75 percent YoY growth. IVY Works has served more than 35 top notch life sciences corporations of India which operate at a global level since its inception. The client retention rate has been stupendous with almost 50 percent of the revenue being generated through repeat business. “We plan to continue the trajectory of our revenue growth. We also aspire to expand services to clients in the US, European and Asia-Pacific markets,” says Yeshwant bringing an end to the conversation.