Cogzidel Consultancy Services: Creating Accounting and Other Business Advisory Solutions for Entrepreneur

The last few years have seen several aspiring individuals transforming into entrepreneurs. From industry veterans to young business professionals, many have entered the industry with their respective setups and business plans. While the industry has seen a significant growth in the number of new businesses, the scope of consulting companies has grown as well. One such company that has gained well with the inception of new businesses is Cogzidel Consultancy Services. This consulting firm was established in 2008 with the objective to deliver professional services to entrepreneurs at affordable costs. Cogzidel was brought to existence to extend support to start-ups and small & mid-sized companies for accounting, statutory compliance, audit and other related operations. This Chennai based consultancy is acclaimed for delivering the most suitable accounting solutions for businesses.

We basically understand the problems of our clients. So, we put ourselves in their issues and that’s how we work

Service Portfolio and Initial Roadblocks
The quest to offer affordable professional solutions to start-ups and small & mid-sized companies became the founding stone for Cogzidel Consultancy Services. The founders of this consulting firm were aimed towards supporting entrepreneurs. They created solutions which if not handled cautiously, can cause destruction to businesses. The organization came up with solutions for accounting, payroll, business incorporation, intellectual property rights among others. Initially, it was a challenge for the company to offer services that befit the budgets of its clients, but with time, the team at Cogzidel found it essential to customize its solutions to be afforded by them. Bala Murugan, CEO, Cogzidel Consultancy Services says, “I see that basically all the consultants have this kind of the situations where they have target audiences as start-ups who need consulting solutions but they have issues with the pricing.”
Cogzidel Consultancy Services extends support right from the stage when a business is incorporated to the phase when a company’s month on month packages such as payroll processing, accounting and all statutory activities have to be dealt with.
CIO Vendor Thus, with its extended service portfolio, the company assures to give the services of a chartered accountant, a company secretary and a corporate lawyer.
A Consistent and Client-Centric Approach
Cogzidel’s journey ever since its inception has been gleaming and one major reason behind this is the satisfaction it has been delivering along with its services. Bala adds, “We ensure that clients work with us comfortably. We basically understand our client’s problems. So, we put ourselves in their shoes and that’s how we work.” The team assures to bring the focus of entrepreneurs to the significance of accounting for their businesses. They work to make them understand the role accounting has to play in corporate management. “Most entrepreneurs think that they can handle things on their own. I advise people to not to do that because in business, you need the right people to do the right job,” adds Bala. The company puts in substantial amount of time and effort to make things work for its clients.
Since its inception, Cogzidel has been delivering the most appropriate solutions to its clients and its motivated team is one of the major reasons that make it happen. The team at Cogzidel works on the client’s vision and deliver customized solutions. In the years ahead, the organization aims to create numerous success stories by providing consistent accounting support to its clients. Among its future endeavours, the company considers to expand to the markets other than Chennai. Besides, it also seeks to reach out to the international markets such as the USA and Dubai during the next three years.