ROEDL & Partner: Bridging Indian Tax Compliances with German Service Standards

Cross border trade and commerce has been ballooning since the onset of globalization. India has evolved as a lion in the territory of developing nations and has become an outsourcing hub for the developed nations. The blossoming of international trade has resulted in several amendments in the accounting and tax laws, which are still convoluted to some extent, especially for foreign investors. Accounting and Tax consultancies have thus become an absolute necessity. ROEDL & Partner, a Germany based consultancy firm has dedicated its services in India to be the pathfinders to the intricacies in accounting and tax sector.

With its all round management services, accounting, compliances, tax consultancy and a strong network partners, ROEDL has been supporting the clients in all financial and corporate related matters

ROEDL & Partner is a global consultancy giant with its presence in 46 nations around the world. The organization’s India operations started in 2006 with their first Indian office in Delhi, closely followed by their Mumbai and Pune facilities becoming operational in 2008 and 2012 respectively. The company’s major objective is to work with German speaking SMEs or companies owned by German families and advice them on their global ventures. The company caters to European companies with their Indian outlets across various domains such as accounting, tax consulting, international taxation, legal, audit (last two services through co-operation partners) and management consulting. ROEDL & Partner has also been declared as the Make in India partner in Germany by the Indian Embassy.

Maintaining Quality and Commitment
India has been identified as a hotspot for corporate revolution;hence several European companies have launched their operation centers on the Indian soil. But alien to the complex legal and taxation systems, most of these companies have a tough time dealing with them.
CIO Vendor “We work on the German quality standard in the consulting area. Our USP is the high quality of our services and commitment towards deliverables,” pitches Rahul Oza, CEO ROEDL & Partner, Pune. Since the company is one of the very few consulting entities available to German and other European clients in India, it was essential for them to have a pan India presence. Rahul has ensured that the same standard of services is maintained across the three operating facilities in India.

Overcoming Industry Challenges
Although the organization has come a long way, its initial years were posed with similar challenges as were faced by their clients. Both corporate laws and accounting & tax milieu has been extremely complex in India especially for foreign MNCs and SMEs. Additionally the Indian market being highly complex with various risks, it was an uphill task to establish a German brand in the Indian market. But with its all round management services, accounting, compliances, tax consultancy and a strong network of partners, ROEDL & Partner has built a strong foothold in the Indian industry.

ROEDL & Partner has completed almost a decade in the Indian market and has been extremely successful so far. “Our aim in the years to come is to be the best in our field. We have plans to expand our presence in South India with offices in Bangalore and Chennai by end of this year,” says Rahul as he winds up the conversation.