MyFin Advisor: Grooming the “Money Plant” by being a Complete Financial Advisory Consultancy

When faced with a challenge our immediate response is to consult an expert, especially when hitches are in the financial sector. But what if the expert you consult is not expert enough?Here’s what our hero for the day had done to put an end to the Gordian Knots inthe finance, accounting and tax sector. Peeyoosh Agarwal, an IIT-Mumbai graduate based in Gurgaon, when faced with a similar conundrum posed by amateurish financial consultants, came up with a venture providing the quality services lacking in other financial consultancies. After personally facing a tough situation owing to the lack of expert financial advice he decided to turn this challenge into an opportunity. He thus underwent specialized training and certification programs to gain expertise in the financial consulting forte. The quest finally resulted in Peeyoosh Agrawaland Shipra Agarwal co-foundingmyFin Advisorin 2011with the drive to refurbish consummate solutions in the accounting and tax milieu.

myFin is not just a one stop solution for all financial and investment needs of a client but another name for professionalism and trust

myFin-the Financial Doctor
myFin Advisor is a one stop destination for all financial requirements. “A financial advisor should be someone like their family financial doctor who can be sought any time, whether they feel financially sick or financially abundant – when and where they need money to invest or withdraw,” attests Peeyoosh, Managing Partner, myFin Advisor. With anevident lag in financial, accounting and tax awareness amongst clients, Peeyoosh realized the ardent necessity to edify the basics. myFin Advisor thus pays heed in this concern. The wide array of deft services includes income tax advice, investment advices, and portfolio resurrection advice, file income tax returns, audit the balance sheet, debt management, find venture capitalists and provide funding, loans, insurance and assisting in investment for businesses.The thorough research driven services and after sales services adds to the X-factor of the company and helps the firm in terms of client retention.

The landscape was still near barren of adept services and ailing due to lack of quality and transparency of services when myFin was established. With his management consulting career starting as early as 1999, Peeyoosh has a strong grasp over the consulting territory which kept his ship afloat amidst the turbulent sea of economic recession and tough competition. myFin Advisor has partnered with a number of key financial institutions, banks and insurance companies to ensure augmented financial solutions to its clients. It has a diverse clientele ranging from corporate companies, MNCs, SMEs,
CIO Vendor individual candidates both NRIs and across the lengths and breadths of India. Among the top companies in the clientele there are real estate partners like Expat Group, Vigneshwara Developers, Cosmic Group and Earth Infrastructure Limited, corporate companies like Imax, Farm2Kitchen, Business Solutions, AKSH and even retail customers. Apart from the high end quality of diverse services, what makes myFin exceptional and a real financial alliance for its clients is its affordable and packaged services which are customized to match the client requisitions.

Adding Feathers to the Hat
As a five years old company, myFin Advisor has witnessed tremendous growth and business ever since its inception in 2011. It has already rendered adept and highly professional services to over a 1000 clients. In just a year myFin Advisor ventured into delivering online financial solutions and overseas or NRI financial solutions including accounting and taxservices with NRI clients based in Dubai. The company has exhibiteda perpetual five-fold growth and expanded its business from B2C to B2B and Venture Capitalist hunt over such a short time span. In 2012 when myFin Advisor started delivering NRI services and online services, the ground was not firm enough for such experiments, yet Peeyoosh accepted the challenge and debuted with extending its aids to Dubai based clients. myFin is not just a one stop solution for all financial and investment needs of a client but another name for professionalism and trust.

A Spartan in consulting services, myFin Advisor surpassed all challenges and hurdles seamlessly marching towards the epitome of excellence.In spite of a number of initial challenges Peeyoosh and his team of efficient advisors never ceased to deliver out of the box services. MyFin Advisor has extensive plans to venture in all types of loans and insurance segment in the upcoming years. Being an exclusive advisor for NRI accounting and tax issues, the services are likely to be aggrandized and the verticals expanded in the times ahead. myFin is pledged towards becoming the people’s brand when it comes to accounting, tax and any sort of financial endeavors.