RouteSms: Connecting Enterprises to Consumers across the Globe

Steve Jobs once famously said, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." A successful entrepreneur often believes in the same ideology. Rajdip Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, RouteSms (RSL), a mobile messaging and voice API company also plays by the same rule. In 2004, he made the choice to let go of a lucrative career and well paying job in London and moved to India to build a company of his own. Other than deep industry expertise and a conviction that he could build something scalable and successful, he had nothing else to fall back upon. Following his gut feeling he founded RSL in 2004 and there has been no looking back since. “I always wanted to do something on my own. After having worked in the telecom industry from over 7-8 years I had a fair understanding of where the opportunities lay. Hence, along with my brother, Sandip Gupta, Founder & MD I founded RSL to tap the mobile messaging and API industry which had immense potential,” says Rajdip with a smile on his face. What started as an idea in Rajdip’s mind has in 11 years transformed into a global organization with multiple offices across the world, over 300 employees, more than 17,000 satisfied customers, 730 resellers and 250 distributors.

The company’s success can be attributed to Rajdip’s clear vision about the industry and his expertise in the telecom sector. Having worked with several operators and handheld devices applications in India during the late 90s he always had a very good idea of the industry. At the time, the mobile messaging industry did not have many players. “I wanted to explore something different like messaging and I was well aware of the potential of this sector. Messaging is always going to be important for businesses. So, the idea of starting RSL came to my mind,” Rajdip adds.

SMS firewall solutions help enterprises safeguard their services against SMS fraud and spamming, which is on the rise.

The company today provides services such as SMS Firewall, SMS Hubbing, SMSC Solutions, Cloud SMSC Platform, Wholesale SMS, SMPP Platform, Voice solutions and HLR Solutions. The RSL team has designed and deployed the most stable and reliable Enterprise Messaging delivery platform and has a direct carrier-level connection with more than 27 international SMSC's with smart prefix base routing, RSL tries to cover around 750+ global networks. Placing emphasis on a client’s specifications, the company works to provide them with one-up advantage over their competitors. The organizations’ current infrastructure and carrier connection provides unique and the most reliable solutions, as far as other providers are concern. It renders a cost-effective module that suits clients with higher as well as lower budgets.RSL believes in 99.9 percent up-time, since its infrastructure is based on the most reliable and Industry-proven hardware and software.

Identifying the Pulse of the Messaging Industry
Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. According to a TRAI report the number of mobile phone users has touched the billion mark in India. The segment recorded a 6.71 percent YoY growth to 980.81 million users in Q2 2015. Also, SMS has gained popularity as a medium of communication between an enterprise and its customers. The global A2P (Application to Person) SMS market was valued at $53.7 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2 percent till 2020. This positive growth rate has been fueled by the growing applications of A2P SMS, especially in the web and mobile sector. Be it a greeting message, transaction detail, ticket confirmation or any other news that needs to be communicated with a customer, an enterprise falls back upon the use of SMS. This is where RSL comes in. The company helps enterprises looking to better their communication with their customers.

The company’s SMS firewall solutions help enterprises safeguard their services against SMS fraud and spamming, which is on the rise. As mobile operators open up more roaming and SMS agreements and connect new providers of messaging applications, they expose themselves to an increased risk of fraud and spamming. Operators often become the target of multiple threats impacting revenues, customer experience and overall profitability. RSL’s firewall solutions help companies monitor and control large quantities of SMS sent to one or multiple destinations; content of the SMS and filter them accordingly based on defined keyword/rules; subscriber identity and location to prevent spoofing and SMSC addresses to match operator numbering ranges.
CIO Vendor The company also provides SMS hubbing solutions to enterprises. SMS hubbing is a new structure for the international flow of SMS between operators, MVNO's reshaping the way that international mobile inter-operability works by implementing hubs to intermediate the SMS traffic and to offer a larger SMS coverage.RSL’s SMS hubbing enables a broad international SMS coverage for mobile operators, MVNOs through dedicated multiple Hosted SMSC worldwide. With the SMS Hubbing model, an operator gains an increase in their international SMS coverage without having to manage multiple bi-lateral agreements.It reduces complexity for operators, as well the cost for SMS interworking agreements. Clients gain SIGTRAN,SS7,SMPP,CMID2 protocol connectivity; postpaid billing model for operators and MVNO's; complete coverage with operator wise pricing; unlimited throughput and complete MIS reporting for billing and other reports. The company has recently signed a million dollar deal with BSNL India to terminate all their international messages via RSL’s hub.

In addition to these services RSL also renders an SMS Plus Messaging platform which acts as an aggregator by receiving messages from various users, using the different types of interfaces supported (SOAP, Desktop, Web Client and HTTP) and then processes these messages and forwards them to the destination routes. The organization has also pioneered an HLR Lookup system which enables querying of mobile numbers for existence and status check. Knowing the status of the mobile number allows filtering out the invalid mobile numbers from mobile number database which can save a lot of costs for enterprises. The RouteSms HLR Lookup System offers clients multiple interfaces to facilitate submission of lookup queries to the HLR Server.
Not stopping at messaging services, the company also has also developed a proven expertise in API solutions. RSL’s Voice Portal is a complete end to end service platform which allows its subscribers to enjoy voice based value added services. Voice services can be utilized as both outbound and inbound applications. The company has worked for various e-governing projects such as Kisaan Sanchaar etc. “Farmers are not well versed with English, so through our services Kisaan Sanchaar can send voice messages to farmers using the local language,” says Rajdip. Additionally the company also supports Interactive Voice Recording solutions.

The RSL Advantage
RSL’s arsenal of messaging and API solutions has earned the organization immense trust and respect in the industry. The other factors that added to the impeding success of the company are the quality of services delivered to clients and the turnaround time. “Being in India and competing with the international players, I think the turnaround time and the platform are the two key aspects of our business. That is the main reason we are successful is because of our delivery time,” emphasizes Rajdip. The company also attributes its success in the industry is that it work with almost 120 direct operators in the world and has hosted SMSC in 7 different countries. This gives a definitive edge to the company as it provides better and competitively priced services to its clients. These SMSC are proprietary products of the organization which are hosted in different parts of the world such as Columbia, Jersey Islands, London and so on. The company also has a support team of 40 people in India which works 24*7 to help clients mitigate any challenges faced.

RSL has gained a host of prestigious names from across several industry verticals as its clientele owing to the quality of its services. be it government enterprises such as AIR, BSNL or banking organizations such as ICICI, SBI, Bank of Maharashtra, Allahabad Bank, Punjab and Sindh Bank, RSL has helped them all. In addition to these names the company has also worked with Rocket Internet, We chat, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber among others.