Varrenyam Consultants: Creating Disciplined Solutions for Financial Management and M&A

The highs and lows in a nation’s economy often cause financial risks for businesses. While fluctuating economic conditions let the businesses face troubles related to working capital and debt management, in certain circumstances, they are also bound to head for mergers and demergers. These situations do not just require acute knowledge of financial management, but also in-depth understanding of how to smoothly execute mergers and acquisitions. Considering the complexities involved in these procedures, Mahender Khandelwal partnered with Vandana Garg founded Varrenyam Financial Advisory Services LLP with an aim to provide specialised finance consultancy services to businesses struggling with the economic slowdown in the early 2000s. Founded in 2002 the company offers a bouquet of services including restructuring, asset funding, debt syndication, private equity, merger & acquisition and corporate finance. Varrenyam presently marks its presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad. However, with its extended networks, it operates in other Indian cities including Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Indore.

Varrenyam acclaims to have served over 150 clients, which says much about the company’s exposure in the financial space

The objective with which Varrenyam Consultants came to existence was to provide financial services to businesses that were unable to reach lenders to avail funds. With its network of engineering & TEV consultants, rating agencies and law firms, the company assisted the clients and helped them manage their funds. Elaborating on the services Mahender, founder of Varrenyam says, “We provided finance for both term debt and working capital requirementsalong with providing long term sustainable business plans. Till now we have raised debts worth more than Rs. 2500 Crores for our clients.” Varrenyam holds an experience of more than a decade of working with companies operating in iron & steel, infrastructure, and pharmaceutical sectors. The company acclaims to have served over 150 clients, which says much about the company’s exposure in the financial space. Varrenyam has also handled debt restructuring worth of over 50000 Crores under the aegis of Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR), Joint lenders Forum (JLF) and Bilateral besides recovering NPA of more than 5000 Crores through settlements.
CIO Vendor Varrenyam, for the welfare of its clients, finds itself responsible to not just provide appropriate solutions to the clients, but also to ensure that they are executed accurately. It considers that its network of credible relations with banks, financial institutions and several other conventional and non conventional lenders & investors has enabled the company to grow manifolds over the last decade. Among its achievements, the company counts its ability to emerge as a leading consultant for mergers & acquisitions. Besides, the management team at Varrenyam considers that its integral values have accelerated its growth since its inception.
Varrenyam Consultants’ journey so far has been compelling and filled with challenges. During the initial phase, the public sector consultants brought tough competition for them. However, their cost-effectiveness, practical approach and result oriented approach made them beat the competition and emerge as a leading name in the financial sector. Discussing the competition, Vandana says, “Our competition motivates us to do even better. Competition always makes one realise their mistakes and improve.” When asked about the goals for future, she adds, “We see more opportunities coming our way under mergers & acquisitions and fund raising segments as the economy is expected to grow.” Varrenyam with its established credentials, collaboration (technical and legal), and focussed approach is geared up to reach the next level.