HU Consultancy: Simplifying Mergers & Acquisitions for SMEs

CIO Vendor “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” This quote by Confucius may not get along with the ideologies of the new age start-up companies that aim for swift growth, but it worked wellfor HU Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 1998, HU Consultancy is a project presently operating across the western shores of the country with its headquarters in Pune.This consulting company was brought to existence to bring fluency to the implementation of mergers and acquisitions carried out by SMEs (small and medium enterprises). The organization works with the vision to be amongst India's leading corporate financial advisory firms providing customer-centric solutions to mid-sized enterprises guided by ethics, integrity and passion.

Inception and the Preliminary Struggle
The core team of HU Consultancy comes from the field of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers, The Founder and Chairman of the organization, Haresh Shah after practicing chartered accountancy and law for a few years moved on to set up HU Consultancy. The idea to establish this company came to him after having discovered the unavailability of reliable mergers & acquisitions consultants in the market. Thus, considering this as an opportunity, he founded HU Consultancy to offer consulting solutions for Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring, Joint Venture and Financial Re- engineering.

For over a decade, this organizationhas carved a niche for its M&A solutions. However, the initial phase of the company’s journey remained slow and unpleasant for the team, but as they say, slow and steady wins the race, HU Consultancy proved this to be true within the span of a few years. Gradually the company came up withproducts that made it ramp up to the next level.
One such initiative was the magazine M&A Critique, which was initiated with the objective of creating a buzz for the company’s expertise in mergers & acquisitions. Another such product that added well to the company’s growth was a portal named which serves as a tool for making crucial business decisions, evaluation of businesses, legal compliance support and Corporate Restructuring.

Converting Prospective Customers to Clients
The initial journey of HU Consultancy might have been slow but the following years saw several big assignments pouring in. The company successfully converted prospective customers into clients by detailing the value of selling or acquiring a business at the right time. For the companies heading for mergers and acquisitions, the team of HU Consultancy brought sorted solutions ranging from evaluations, drafting of legal documents, getting clearances, due diligence to everything else. This took away the pain of contacting varied consultants from the clients for different decisions involved to carry out mergers & acquisitions. During the previous decade, the company added numerous leading names such as Kirloskar, Enam Securities, Punjab Chemicals, Forbes Marshall, Kumaran Systems, Baerlocher, JB Chemicals among others to its clientele.

HU Consultancy provides single window service, which also serves as the company’s USP.

HU Consultancy provides single window service, which also serves as the company’s USP.Under the single window, the company delivers all the solutions including legal consultancy, approvals from concerned authorities, decisions for mergers & acquisitions, which doesn’t just let the clients save a great deal of time, but also enables them to slash costs. In the near future, the company aims to work on various online tools and applications so that the clients can access their services conveniently.