RDA Legal: Rendering Expert Legal Assistance to Businesses across the Globe

Associating with trusted legal consultants is a decision that every business entity needs to take with precision. From corporate liaisons to financial transactions, legal consulting companies provide great assistance that aids a company’s existence and growth. While these legal advisory companies help taking crucial decisions, they also provide assistance for commercial transactions such as mergers & acquisitions. Back in 2008, when legal assistance was more crucial as recession was hitting the business space hard, Rohit Das, a young law graduate founded RDA Legal in Kolkata. The company was found on the ideology of serving start-ups, SMEs and emerging companies across the country.
RDA Legal, an initiative by Rohit Das, Managing Partner of the company later attracted partnerships and as a result the organization expanded to Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi. The Mumbai branch is headed by Anupam Prasad, while the Bangalore wing is managed by Avik Biswas, who came onboard in 2013. RDA Legal laid its foundation to offer precise solutions for legal advisory, transactional legal services, and litigation support on all aspects of Indian civil, corporate, and commercial laws. The company has worked with several leading e-Commerce, pharma, telecommunication, marine & shipping, hospitality, and manufacturing companies. With its extended network, the company has served many leading names across Italy, UK, Korea, Singapore, Dubai, US, and Australia.

This advisory firm considers the recognition of being a trusted company operating in the legal sector. The awards and accolades earned by RDA Legal say much of its excellence.

The initial years of existence brought numerous challenges for RDA Legal. “Among all the challenges prevailing before the company, the most difficult one was to beat the perception of being a young and a new team,” mentions Mumbai Partner, Anupam Prasad. He also details that with time, the company went on to prove its worth in the competitive marketplace. On the litigation front, the company has won numerous mandates in its clients’ favour.
CIO Vendor RDA Legal has also been operating as a specialized service provider for the companies heading for mergers & acquisitions. Talking about the existing competition in M&A, Anupam says, “There are various companies already operational, but not all businesses can afford the services of these big players. We have people who have in past worked with leading law firms of the country and we are competitive in terms of pricing and same time providing services comparable to leading law firms in India.” Among the achievements, this advisory firm considers the recognition of being a trusted company operating in the legal sector. The awards and accolades earned by RDA Legal say much of its excellence. RDA Legal, to its name, has the titles of Corporate Transactions Law Firm of the Year 2015 by M&A Today Global Awards and Corporate Transactions Law Firm of The Year in India by Corporate INTL Legal Awards. RDA Legal also considers its affiliation with L & E Global as one of its noteworthy achievements.
The team at RDA Legal considers customer service as a paramount priority. Anupam says, “We deliver work expeditiously in a cost effective manner, and provide a single point of contact so that accessing us is convenient for clients.” While the team offers expert advices as desired by the clients, it also ensures that the clients are updated as and when a new law or development in an existing law is declared by the government. In the future, the organization is looking at new jurisdictions that it can be a part of. In the years ahead, they would be seen doing a lot of activity on the global front considering the scope for expansion.