Anplify Services: Providing Execution Support for M&A and Investment Banking

CIO Vendor “A good idea is worthless without impeccable execution and a commitment to iterate.” This quote by a young entrepreneur Zach Kleinvery well defines what it takes to convert an idea into a successful business. It takes a lot of dedication, a consistent effort,a forward looking attitude and a brilliant team to make a business idea a big hit. Himanshu Anand, the Founder and Director of Anplify Services had this in mind when he incorporatedthis company. The idea behind forming this company was tointroduce a consulting led approach and extend support to the finance and strategy functions of businesses and investment banks. Himanshu brought this company to existence with an unbiased approach to ensure that the clients get the best in terms of financial and strategic solutions.

Anplify Services offers solutions for M&A consulting, fund raising, financial modelling& valuation and research & analysis to start-ups, investment banks, private equity funds and research houses. With the dedicated effortsof the founding team, the company entered the industry like no other start-up could. The company extends assistance that a business needs while taking crucial business decisions or heading for investments. The company provides end-to-end solutions for data analysis, knowledge process outsourcing and extends support to companies planning to get into new verticals. Anplify also assures immediate assistance to the businesses heading for mergers & acquisitions.

An Unbiased and Customer-Centric Approach
Anplify entered the market with a new approach that was very different from the conventional investment banks. The company’s emphasis is not on cracking the deals, but is on providing in-depth and unbiased analysis.
Himanshu adds, “This neutrality helps us convert investment banks from being our competitors to our clients.We support investment banks by providing research and analysis and help them to focus on client management and deal making.” Anplify brings consistent support for the businesses that still consider data analysis to be a challenge. It enables clients to make informed business decisions with the help of data analysis. Anplify assures unbiased M&A transaction and investment advice to its clients and offer consulting led investment banking solutions. A major factor that lets Anplify stand out is the agility that it maintains in its approach. The organization doesn’t offer pre-fixed services, but emphasises on creating solutions customized as per the clients’specific requirements. Within a year’s time, the company has successfully delivered over 40 financial, strategic and M&A consulting assignments.

Anplify Services enables clients to make informed business decisions with the help of in-depth research and unbiased analysis

The Roadmap for Years Ahead
Expansion is what every small or large organization aims for. Similarly, the team of Anplify too seeks to expand within a span of few years. Anplify intends to enable its clients make better decisions by utilising real time analytics and thus, the company is extensively using technology to automate data processes and to further make its solutions more efficient. Moving forward, the organization would be seen investing in the technology related initiatives.Himanshu adds, “We are keen to invest in developing technologies that can solve problems of tomorrow for investment businesses.”Besides, keeping up with the emerging investment environment is a major area of concern for the company. The organization also aims to lay its emphasis on continuous learning and motivation of the team to deliver the best to its clients.It invests heavily in training and maintains a “learning fund”, which is used for knowledge creation and sharing.