Eshwars: Serving the M&A Industry with Dual Caliber

The contemporary world has witnessed many prolific Merger and Acquisition deals as a strategic management activity to boost brands and businesses. Indian companies, both in the public and private sector have experienced similar M&A activities at an elevated rate in the recent past. With the amendments in M&A laws and regulations, making the filing and approvals easier and faster, the scope for M&A activities in the days to come has been aggrandized. Eshwars, based out of Chennai, is a boutique corporate law firm that specializes in M&A consultation.
Most of the contemporary law firms are either specialized in legal affairs or in corporate affairs with team consisting of either lawyers or company secretaries. Eshwar Sabapathy, Partner, Eshwars, has gone out of the conventional way with his dual qualification of company secretary and law to foundthe boutique consultancy firm in April 2006. His vision was to create a glaring difference in the field of M&A, making things work faster and more professionally. At his firm he has maintained the same status quo while recruiting his employees and partners. He had seen clients struggling to make lawyers understand the intricacies of corporate and financial affairs as they lacked the requisite knowledge of business. Similar scuffles were noticed when consulting a company secretary whose understanding of law is limited. S Eshwar and his associates aim at easing the complicacies with their strong hold on both the realms and a detailed understanding of both business requirements and legal complications.

Eshwar and his associates aim at easing out the complicacies with their strong hold on both the realms and a detailed understanding of both business requirements and legal complications

Eshwar conveys the difficulties in delivering seamless service to the clients owing to the lack of a clear set of guidelines from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. He adds, “There is a need for clear guidelines as to on what grounds will the proposals get reviewed and evaluated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs so that the existing red tapes can be curtailed.” He claims that the absence of these guidelines in respect to regulatory clearances from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs delays mergers. But the consultants at Eshwars make sure no complications can affect the clients and their business objectives.
CIO Vendor The unique concept of having a workforce with dual qualifications of law and company secretary has enabled enhanced services in M&A to the clients that too with a reasonable price tag.Clients do not need to consult lawyers and company secretaries individually thus saving time, money and unnecessary hassles.
Standing high on the six pillars of focus areas, namely, integrity, quality, reasonably cheap, civility, community service and education, Eshwars render expert M&A and IPR solutions to its clientele. Reigning the consultancy industry for almost a decade now, Eshwars has bagged several awards and recognitions including “ACQ Law Awards 2010”, “ACQ Global Awards 2012”, and is consistently ranked in “Chambers Asia Pacific” directory from the year 2013 in the area of “Corporate / M&A”. Eshwars is also a member of Primerus, an International Society of independent boutique law firms. Eshwars has provided tailored solutions to clients across various industrial domains both in India and abroad. “With the domestic economic climate being favorable to business growth, there is a scope for a good amount of M&A activities that are happening,’ concludes Eshwar, foreseeing brighter days ahead.