VirVentures: Building a Complete e-Commerce Ecosystem

CIO Vendor With the advent of the latest technology trends the scope of Electronic Commerce or e-commerce is amplifying with each passing day. With scope so infinite and hype so high, the e-Commerce industry needs the right guidance and ample amount of experience and expertise to enable business operations in the e-Commerce market to glide smoothly. Having identified this, Rupesh Sanghavi founded VirVentures to provide end to end services ranging from sourcing, software development, customer service, listing, website development to SEO. “We are a complete e-Commerce ecosystem and help our customers on all fronts related to e-Commerce,” says Rupesh Sanghavi, CEO, VirVentures.

Established in 2006 and headquartered in Richmond, TX, VirVentures has a presence across a number of Indian cities namely Mumbai (Mulund and Andheri), Kolkata and Siliguri. The services that VirVentures provides are the sole reasons for the company’s survival as a pioneer in the market riddled with competitors. The company’s client-oriented nature makes them take extra care of their clients’ needs, so that they can relish the fruit of their whole investment. They believe that their client-satisfying performance has enabled them to earn a good reputation, which in turn facilitates them in staying ahead in the competitive market. Employing their valuable experience and expertise, Vir Ventures serve their clients to take proper note of their speed of delivery, precise output and sound judgment.

Apart from being a client-oriented company, VirVentures is also employee-oriented and takes care of their employees. Exemplifying their employee-oriented nature, Rupesh explains “We believe in the ‘work hard, play hard’ motive and live by it. We offer relaxed yet very nurturing work environment to our employees.” The company offers a helping hand to their employees and creates a work culture where they can perform at their best. The company has arrangements for air hockey, table tennis, Pool Table and Carrom. They make arrangements for monthly get-together and regular outings.

Having a very positive entry, VirVentures faced the challenge of overcoming their unprecedented growth at its inception.
Apart from overcoming these challenges, VirVentures came across a large number of external and internal challenges as well. A well-organized and well-functioning e-Commerce organization needs proper resources and apposite channelization of talents. VirVentures managed to surpass their biggest challenge of fishing the right talent for their e-commerce operation. In this regard, they surpassed the hurdle both with respect to quality and quantity. They have been hiring the best talent in the industry and their work force has doubled within a year and is still growing. Among the other challenges that VirVentures dealt with, are Fraud prevention, improving delivery reliability, rapid and reliable build of required software infrastructure are other challenges.

The services that VirVentures provides are the sole reasons for the company’s survival as a pioneer in the market riddled with competitors

Overcoming the exigent challenges at their very initiation, VirVentures is currently thriving as a pioneer in the industry and has prominent clients namely KeHE, Flash Furniture, March Products and Drive Medical to name a few. The company has also gone ahead a long way and has earned a spot on the list of Buffalo Tools for one of the 10 most promising retailers along with retailing giants Walmart and Amazon. Talking about their thriving business Rupesh says, “We grew almost six times in terms of sales in December. We work with over 200 vendors, serve more than 3000 orders on an average day. We doubled our workforce in last 12 months and we are still hiring.”

Learning from their gathered experience in the e-commerce industry, the company is in a continuous process of learning and up gradation. Gaining knowledge and expertise, VirVentures has actively been operational in 120 countries by selling their products in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, India and Japan. Apart from leveraging their knowledge, the company also utilizes the commercially available software and their long list of contacts to reach the pinnacle of success. Rupersh is of the opinion, “Knowing e-Commerce first hand is our USP. We have learned by experience and what works and what may not work. We have our own sizable e-Commerce business that gives us firsthand experience in most facets of the industry.”

With prospect so promising, VirVentures is edging towards a brighter and prosperous future by utilizing systematic scaling as a part of their business strategy. The company wants to expand their product range and also wants to geographically reach out to more customers through multi channel strategy in the years to come.