Spott One: Bringing in Ground-Breaking SEO Solutions to Diverse Industries

Technology has had a great influence on the modern society and has transformed the way we function on a daily basis. The trend setters thus bring on changes and keep trying to fetch further modifications in the varied areas of technologies. Nevil Darukhanawala is one such trend setter who has brought in innovations and improvements in the domain of SEO applications.
He founded Spott One Consulting Pvt Ltd, a digital marketing agency in 2001 in Mumbai. After having pursued a specialised SEO course from the United States, Nevil returned to India with an objective to deliver expert SEO solutions to diverse national as well as international companies. Initially, it was a tough task for him to acquire Indian clients as the nation then was not well accustomed with the SEO trends. Gradually, Indian companies grew familiar with newer technologies among which SEO is now considered as one of the significant growing industries.

SEO & Its Influence
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a set of strategies applied to a website with intention of ranking well in search engine results listing for selected keywords specific to your products and services. This is the best form of marketing where the potential customer has a need, finds your website and contacts you. SEO has proven to deliver the best quality of leads and conversions amounst all other forms of marketing like SEM & Social Media.
Since there is only a Top 10 which offers best visibility and the competition is also eying the same Top 10 slot, NOT all SEO experts or SEO Strategies can get you high rankings. So it’s crucial that you have an experienced SEO Manager or SEO Partner who can create a long term & profitable SEO Strategy for your organization.
In addition, Google has been making changes to its algorithm at neck breaking speeds to ensure it can match user search intent with a page / website that offers the best information on that subject. Google came out with many updates to ensure that they produce the best results based on search intent of the user. These include algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc all with the intention of weeding out bad websites or websites using manipulative methods to attain top ranking. A few critical mistakes could get your website out of Google rankings for months.

So if your current strategy includes tasks like directory submissions, social bookmarking, forums submissions, free PR submissions, article directory submissions and a host of other out dated methods then it’s time to relook at your SEO.

SEO is a long process of creation of search intent focused content, and then, marketing and outreach of the same to earn positive user signals; and this process continues month after month. The learning’s from one campaign are applied to other campaigns so tracking the progress at campaign level is critical.
CIO Vendor There are many factors that affect rankings, right from domain age, authority and trust, to link reputation, brand mentions, topic authority, content relevancy and user signals.

Clients and their desires
It was tougher for Nevil to acquire Indian clients during the company’s initial days due to the lack of growth in the SEO industry. But with the course of time, progression and advancement in the same domain brought keen customers to his door. In his opinion, there are two types of clients who were looking for SEO services; one of them were unfamiliar with SEO. “They want to begin from the basics which include optimisation of their website pages, content marketing, blogger outreach and other different aspects related to the web market,” explains Nevil. While the other kind who are familiar with the digital world are always looking to work with advanced SEO strategies designed with innovative touches.

A good SEO strategy creates value for all stakeholders

Spott One has served some of the most renowned companies under health, education, real estate, insurance and tourism industries. It has seen growth during its long journey of ten years and has progressed with the changing courses that occurred at various intervals. Nevil is of the opinion that there is a lack of SEO Managers in the domain which is showing way for entrepreneurs like him to explore SEO Training. Therefore, he has established the Nevil Darukhanawala School of SEO. The SEO Manager’s job description definition has evolved over time and now comprises of extensive strategic, analytical, and tactical skills. The School of SEO aims to train a new generation of SEO Managers to cater to this demand.