Sirez Limited: Developing Next-Gen Digital Marketing Initiatives

CIO Vendor The Indian digital marketing industry is going through a very exciting phase with growth potential anticipated to reach $ 4.2 trillion by 2017. The online marketplaces, an important element in the digital marketing space has transformed the industry. In doing so, they not only created some of the most successful Indian-bred organizations such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Jabong but also leveraged the geographical spread of India in a manner never known before. Thus, the power of digital marketing in India attracts huge interest which could result in more participation and investments from other companies trying to break in with the next set of innovations. As India’s digital marketing industry comes of age, established companies are leading the way forward. One such pioneer is Sirez Limited, a digital marketing solutions company that offers digital strategy, digital media planning & buying, creative development, web & mobile development, social media, content marketing and analytics among other services.

Founded in 2005, Sirez has always been an avant-garde advertising and marketing solutions provider to consumers and businesses. As India becomes a digital marketing hub, clients require extensive support to effectively use e-marketing tools. This is where the company comes into the picture by providing the perfect blend of digital acumen and insight-filled communication for their brands. Sirez has positioned itself as a trusted firm with skill sets that deliver all digital requirements, including 360 degree integrated campaigns, banner ads, rich media ads, social media campaigns, e-mail marketing and more. RP Singh, CEO, Sirez explains, “We recommend digital solutions which impact at the business level. We believe in the long term partnership and sustainable business results for our clients. Since digital is the most measurable medium, we use analytics to drive profitability and efficiency at every level.”

Providing Accurate Services at the Right Time to Enhance Productivity
Indian marketers have woken up to the criticality of using cutting edge technologies to gain traction in the industry. Sirez uses this technology explosion to help clients gain significant competitive advantage in the long term. As a result, every development project at Sirez is a result of massive research, analysis and well-thought-out execution.
The company has mastered the techniques of working with different processes together to accelerate ROI for its client’s digital spending. This process oriented approach is a core ingredient of Sirez consulting expertise.The major consulting services the company offers are built around content marketing, mobile apps development & marketing, eCommerce, social media marketing, search engine marketing, digital marketing, media planning and buying.

Understanding the mobile digital marketing space and its entire concept of brand customer relationship can be the easiest way to stay on top, and organizations are leveraging tools that allow them to enhance user engagement as a wider tactic. However, what kind of a marketing effort is certain to monetize revenues into billions still remains a difficult question to answer. Maybe the answer lies in the approach more than any set formula or method for success in digital marketing. As RP Singh quite aptly explains, citing the example of Sirez, “A dynamic approach enables us to create work best suited to our client’s brand, market and category. Several credible industry players have been finding it difficult to recommend eCommerce & content based marketing solutions to their clients and this is where we have built our strengths. Most of the solutions that we recommend have a content leg to it that helps to create a differentiated identity through this powerful medium.”

Sirez deploys strategic planning for making organizations take smart decisions about utilizing the reach and potential of Social media

The company follows 6I Principle to manage a client’s digital business. These 6 Is are: Innovation, Integration, Interactivity, Insight, Involvement & Investment. Sirez deploys strategic planning for making organizations take smart decisions about utilizing the reach and potential of Social media. The company’s main strength lies in its content strategy which is a key part of the team expertise. The company’s hundred-member team is comprised of art directors, mobile developers, web engineers, UI/UX designers, digital media planners, social media planners, strategy team, content managers and client servicing team. With a vision to create engaging and sharable content, the deep talent pool in the organization has made it a routine to deliver high quality content. RP Singh says, “Content is a major focus going forward. Any digital business will need a huge amount of content to survive in the market and we are fully prepared to cater to any content requirements of clients.”

Today, the company caters to over 50 brands across APAC and has demonstrated expertise in all areas of digital marketing in the past couple of years. The company is aiming for perfection and in the future, the focus on Mobile & Content is set to ensure creativity and new ideas coming its way. Furthermore, clients such as Blackberrys, Yepme, iOrderFresh, Liv Nutrifit, Chicco, ESPN Cricinfo is a testimony of how effectively the company has made digital marketing easier to implement.