RNCOS E-Services: Evolution from Syndicate Research to Expansive Consulting Solutions

The year 2000 brought significant growth for the outsourcing industry in India. This was the era when call centres and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies started to witness boom. During this period, outsourcing emerged as a viable business idea as projects from the west started pouring in, specifically in the IT/ ITES sector. During this phase, many aspiring entrepreneurs chose outsourcing to introduce their businesses and one of them was Shushmul Maheshwari, who chose research outsourcing to be the focus of his venture. Based on the idea, he founded RNCOS, a business research and consultancy firm. This consulting company was founded in 2002 to bridge the gap between what companies expect in terms of research solutions and what researchers actually offer.

NCOS works to extract all the essential data that lays foundation for a successful business in a competitive marketplace

Headquartered in Noida, this research consulting company was first introduced as a syndicate research firm, which due to changing economic dynamics moved to customised research, and later to consulting. Considering the market conditions and growing industry requirements, the company started to evolve and enhanced its portfolio of solutions. RNCOS considers research as the preliminary process that takes place even before a business is commenced. Abiding by the same approach, RNCOS works to extract all essential data that lays foundation for a successful business in a competitive marketplace. Maheshwari, CEO of the company explains, “We first develop an understanding of clients’ requirements, then research for all the elements such as extracting information about the competition prevailing in the market, demand for the specific product, its future desirability, thereafter deal with them through scientific & logical approach to analyze the product with respect to the market. We thus give our client a 360 degree view helping him understand the business before actually getting into it.” This is where our strength lies,” he adds.

For over a decade, RNCOS has served its clients in the most efficient manner, like no other consulting company does. Maheshwari further adds, “We are not at all stringent when it comes to accommodating additional tasks. We consider this to be an effort that would help us maintain long term relationships with the clients. In terms of time, costs, and deliverables, we bring the best to the table.” RNCOS is acclaimed for delivering high-end solutions for strategic consulting, expansion, and research within competitive prices. The company considers itself a suitable choice for small and medium enterprises than the other leading research consulting companies that demand a great deal of money and time.
CIO Vendor This decade long journey had ample challenges for the team of RNCOS to encounter. Initially, it was difficult for them to make clients believe that the prices being quoted by them were appropriate. The Indian companies during that phase didn’t consider market research as a service that demanded time and cost. Over the years, the company hasn’t just overcome this challenge, but has also developed long lasting relationships with the clients and has also got repetitive business from them. Eventually, these challenges added to the capabilities of RNCOS’ team.
The company has sincerely handled each project by developing an understanding of what the customers want and how to deliver the solutions to meet the requirements quoted by clients. Besides, the company also takes the time and competitive pricing into account as the major elements to be maintained while handling the projects. RNCOS has worked with leading healthcare companies, majorly operating in life sciences, biotechnology, and medical devices besides major food processing companies. The company has also expanded its operations to Dubai and is presently working on carving a list of international clients. Maheshwari discussing about the company’s USPs says, “We are expanding and we have reliable people in the team who have worked with me for years. These people make our research segment very strong. So, now we are trying to focus on marketing and training to further enhance our solutions and prepare for future.”

RNCOS has attained tremendous success in the field of research. However, the growth for RNCOS in comparison with other companies has been slow and steady as they don’t believe in raising funds through venture capital. Maheshwari says, “My philosophy is that I will put in my own money and efforts and then grow the business and that’s why it is growing at a slow pace.” In the years ahead, it aims to be a full service company that takes care of everything from grasping clients’ ideas to their execution. Besides, the company aims to be strengthened in terms of data analytics and develop its own team of CAs so it can deliver solutions for Mergers & Acquisitions too. Besides, the organization aims to expand to be able to handle purchase & procurement processes for the international clients.