Niyati Technologies: Rendering Remarkable Services to Enterprise Mobility Solutions

CIO Vendor Back in 1970s when Martin Cooper introduced the first handheld cellular mobile phones, the world was unaware of the power of this little gadget. Post this invention, late 2000s enjoyed using fashionable handsets and gradually the human race kept drowning into the magic of mobiles. This sturdy growth of the mobile device market resulted in modification of cellular network services and pushed up the rate of data thieving simultaneously. Prevention of such fraudulent acts and maintaining secrecy of all internal information became the key concerns for all corporate houses.Niyati Technologies, which started as a digital solutions company in 1999, realized the significance of this segment and entered into the practice of Enterprise Mobility Management in 2009.
Headquartered in Chennai and with a branch in Singapore, the organization is led by the trio of Ramesh Nair, K Pradeep and Vijay Mahadevan. Their leadership showed the strength of experience and helped the enterprise to become a pioneer in the segment of mobility management. “Technology innovations have caused a paradigm shift in the field of enterprise mobility. It is also bringing the corporate world and customer market closer by adapting the technicality of inter-connected devices,” says Ramesh, the Creative Director. The trio excels in their individual sphere of specialization and designs the growth of the consultancy by satisfying their clients with remarkable solutions. They hold an optimistic view in addressing challenges that come in their path of work. However, Pradeep, the Project Director expounds, “Data security is one of the key areas of our focus. We endeavor more in this segment to bring out preventive measures in safeguarding our clients’ data.”

Beating Hurdles
“Every business brings a unique set of challenges and we are always learning something new every day. Hence, the process gets improved with every delivery,” illustrates Pradeep. Dwelling on this, they keep venturing in different industrial sectors to learn and grow with time. They believe that with every newer innovation, technology overtakes time leaving yesterday’s inventions obsolete. Tuning to these technological advancements, they keep delivering unique solutions to their clients and also stay in sync with their target audiences.
Delivering priceless insights on their digital presence – be it on mobile, social or cloud, the organization helps its customers to identify the value of every single penny spent. “An increase in unique visitors or an improved call-to-action that generates quality leads is one of the key performance metrics we use.
We believe profitability comes not just with an increase in the bottom-line, but also with an enhanced brand equity and better audience engagement,” defines Pradeep. Following this process, the trio works on the challenges faced by its clients and helps them to maximize their profits.

Gaining Excellence
Having built a niche in the segment of enterprise mobility consulting, the company also strives to gain expertise other set of businesses as well. This includes web application development, mobile application development, e-commerce and m-commerce, website development, blog designing and website maintenance. In addition to these, the trio offers their hands in support to brand building, digital marketing, enterprise mobile apps, integrated s-m-a-c solutions, UI designing and many others. They portray their excellence in both creative and technological facets where similar players fail to impress. “We differ from other players in the market since we provide superior quality of creative designs assimilated with technical solutions which includes tangible value,” clarifies Ramesh.
Having been in the business of advertising, over the years the trio has observed that every business requires support and help in content generation. Thus, they deliver creative content to their customers through better GUI, strong navigation and superior messaging mechanisms. The trio has also noticed that maximum businesses nowadays are following the mobile-first strategy which demands a vendor providing end-to-end services that too at an affordable cost. Perceiving this, the company works on mitigating such demands with its impressive performances.

At Niyati, we work with clients to delve deeper into their processes and arrive at an optimal mobility solution that not only adds to their revenue streams, but also enhances their brand value and customer connection

Banging with profound experience in mobility solution, team Niyati’s integrity helped it to bag some reputed clients in the past including Saint-Gobain, TVS Motor Company, Alcatel Lucent, TCS, IFMR, ICICI Foundation, Rang De and Singapore Tourism Board among others. The company also works with several start-ups and entrepreneurs. However, at present it is working with a world leading building materials company and providing them with enterprise mobility and integrated mBaas solutions. “At Niyati, we work with clients to delve deeper into their processes and arrive at an optimal mobility solution that not only adds to their revenue streams, but also enhances their brand value and customer connection,” says Pradeep.

Designing the Future
A team consisting of astute designers, developers, testers and analysts are always active with consistent quality solutions. Moreover, Niyati at present is adding business analytics as a specialized service offering and looking forward to conquer new markets. “We continue to work with two of the Fortune 500 companies and have set our goals to add at least 10 new key accounts to our portfolio in the next two years,” concludes Ramesh.