Medwiz Healthcare Communications: Filling the Knowledge Gap in the Healthcare Industry

CIO Vendor Gone are the days when women took the back seat in the entrepreneurial world. More and more women are today building successful and inspiring organizations. Certainly, it’s not a trivial task for a woman since balancing personal life along with work life is nothing short of a Herculean feat. The corporate world today has several such success stories to tell. However, Mamata Jain’s journey is not your ordinary entrepreneurial success story. Her journey towards building Medwiz Healthcare Communications, a provider of medical communications and scientific content-based product promotion strategies is awe inspiring for various reasons. A cancer survivor, Mamata had the courage and strong innate belief that she can prove herself to be a successful entrepreneur as well as a loving mother. Beating all the odds that life threw at her to become a successful entrepreneur; her journey is a true testament to the fact that one can achieve anything with sheer willpower and hard work.
An organic Journey to Founding Medwiz
It was during her cancer treatment that she decided to explore opportunities while staying at home. Given her experience in the medical domain, medical writing came as the instant thought and, soon enough, she started receiving assignments from various sources. Mamta exclaimed, “What I started as an accident became my passion, and the industry gave me ample opportunities to pursue it further.”
Leveraging her experience in the medical industry and deep clinical insights, Mamta began to receive requirements on how to do brand positioning, how to prepare Scientific Communications and positioning them, and what are the existing bottlenecks in this domain and how to overcome them. Gradually, over the span of a year, she started receiving assignments and soon the workload started mounting which propelled her to build a formal enterprise. From there on, she never had to look back. To serve this constant demand of the medical industry, Mamta founded Medwiz in 2005. The company’s prime motto is to serve the needs of physicians, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers and patients/consumers by rendering medical communications and scientific content-based product promotion strategies. Benefiting from Mamata’s skill and efficiency in producing market compatible work, Medwiz set out to chart its own path in the industry.
The company brought on board the right blend of knowledgeable candidates who supported the company’s rapidly growing needs. Medwiz thoroughly analyzed the existing knowledge gap between the patients and doctors—a topic it specializes in even today. Based on that information, the company then created the plans and accompanying services to fill the industry wide void.
Knowledge is one the key USP of the company and without investing major efforts in terms of marketing its services, Medwiz began to receive work through references and word-of-mouth from existing customers. Mamta’s inner zeal to stay abreast of the developments in the medical writing field helped the organization evolve. “We are unique in our services as our in-depth knowledge of the medical industry is our USP. Our Knowledge is always translated into everyday practice and into our deliverables,” explains Mamta.
Converting Complex Concepts into Simple Content
Headquartered in Mumbai, Medwiz offers a complete bundle of services starting from branding solutions to medical writing. The array of services which the company provides includes Content Writing, Continuous Medical Education (CME), Skill Enhancement Program, Medical Representative Training, Conferences and KOL RTMs, Relationship Marketing, Direct-to-Patient Communications, Online and Digital Marketing and Digital and Interactive. Additionally, the organization also supports search engine optimization and integrated online campaigns. The vibrant team of Medwiz Healthcare includes doctors, pharmacy graduates, medical writers, scientific directors, technology specialists, content researchers, creative directors and practicing advisors. The Medwiz team converts complex concepts into easily decipherable communication contents.

Apart from guiding doctors at the molecular level, the company also provides the broader picture by exposing them to the international platforms and practices

The company conducts certified workshops for doctors to enrich their skills. Apart from guiding doctors at the molecular level, the company also provides the broader picture by exposing them to the international platforms and practices. By supplying advanced tools and devices for practice and empowering the doctors with the new communication media such as WhatsApp, mobile apps and YouTube, the company adds value to its client’s processes. Mamta adds, “The amalgamation of technology and medical healthcare has proved to be a boon for both medical companies and doctors.”
The organization’s first few assignments with companies such as Piramal Healthcare and Sun pharma opened up new avenues of opportunity. Today, Medwiz counts Abbott, Glenmark, Cipla, Lupin, Ranbaxy Pharma, Novartis and many more as its clients. Clinical Insight, Quality, Commitment, Integrity and Innovation remain company’s USP owing to which Medwiz has retained most of its clients and employees thus far. The organization envisions being the best medical educational service provider in the country.