Kensium Solutions: Transforming the Way Businesses Grasp Critical Information with Doccept

CIO Vendor To cope with today’s competitive business environment, organizations are diversifying more.In the process, a significant challenge they face is to manage information in little time while maintaining cost benefits of various projects. Also, as data-availability within an organizationincreases, it is not easy for enterprises to control documents and records in an integrated manner. There is still a large chunk of businesses that cannot manage their data effectively, thereby missing out on good financial returns. Having offered solutions that boost operational efficiency in clients’ business systems, Kensium has actedas their experienced partner by using Doccept. Kensium’sDoccepthelps organizations manage data and files, effectively, ensuring time and cost savings in the long run. This robust document management system has enabled clients to streamline and automate their business processes and become better organized, more secure, and more efficient.
A talented information technologist with a gift for translating ideas into a technological reality, Rahul Gedupudi, COO & CTO at Kensium manages all key areas including product research, architecture, and engineering. Graduating witha Master’s degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University and accumulating experience of over 15 years in IT development and Project/Program Management across various industrial domains, Rahul is brimmed with qualities that infuse life into the products and services of Kensium. His vision has helped Kensium acquire an enhanced status in the milieu of Document management. It was his vision that has led to the genesis of the very first Integrated Organization Management System (iOMS) powered products in the market.
Using Doccept as a Strategic Enabler
For modern organizations, document management or simply managing the right information in an organized way represents a huge challenge. When a company is able to develop and store its source of knowledge efficiently, it brings better service performance and profitability in all kinds of new ways. This is where Doccept delivers exceptional quality by providing a powerful and flexible workflow for incorporating business processes into the management of the documents. Doccept has helped a number of organizations generate new efficiencies and dramatic cost savings. Some of the key benefits gained by utilizing Doccept include simple, clean and intuitive user interface, access from anywhere or any device (web based), fully customizable (including white labeling options), well defined programming interface (API), one time perpetual licensing model or available on cloud and fully configurable security permissions, etc.
No company is immune to the challenges of launching a new product. In this particular situation, Kensium had to validate to prospective customers that implementing and utilizing a document management system would make them more efficient and organized. Rahul was not used to the selling timeframe it takes to sell a document management system, so to answer this; he gathered a board of reputed partners across the globe. Together, Rahul and his team were able to delve deep into the market at a brisk pace and build a sound sales pipeline. Rahul’s team was able to prove Doccept provided multiple access points, security and backup of critical business documents, allowing customers to understand the value of implementing this software.
The Numerous Achievements and Accolades
Kensium started its operations with just three members and has now grown to over 400 employees across India, UAE, and US. Kensium’s senior management has an average of 15 years of domestic and international IT experience and a strong history of business, academic, and technological accomplishments. Among its numerous achievements, the company was incorporated in the USA as an LLC and a Private Limited Company in India in its founding year. In 2007, Kensium launched an office in Chennai, India with a focus on Healthcare and Legal Services. In 2009, Kensium expanded its IT Services to Australia and also formed a partnership with I-WIN IP Services to provide services in India & the USA.The year 2012 brought more success for the company as it acquired an ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 27001 Certification and was recognized with the Best Talent Management Awardat Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2012. The event was hosted by the Employer Branding Institute at Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Center, Singapore. Again, in 2014 it became CMMi Level 3 Certified Company with new offices in Dubai, UAE.

Doccept has helped a number of organizations generate new efficiencies and dramatic cost savings.

Bringing together an unparalleled combination of domain, product, and technology expertise, Doccept drives the creation of better intellectual capital, improved regulatory compliance, and disaster recovery within an organization. In 2014, it was awarded as the Best Document Management System by UP-Start Cloud Awards 2014. Talking about the future of the company, Rahul says, “We want to continue planning big with Doccept andexpand its reach to different industries such as insurance, hospitals, and professional services etc.” The company has been looking forward to develop Doccept’s interface in different languages to cater regional audiences and upgrade Doccept to a responsive theme, eSignatures, Mobile App, Customization etc. Rahul signs off by saying, “The many new features added to Doccept will certainly enable our clients and organizations to become more effective and efficient.”