Online Patent Filing: Vesting Strong Focus on Creating a Syndicate of Cost-Effective IP Services

CIO Vendor India’s Intellectual property landscape has shown a decent improvement in intellectual property (IP) filings with higher applications in patents (nearly six percent) and trademarks (over 15 percent), driven by those filed in the pharmaceuticals sector in 2020. IP services come with huge costs and for a startup, operational cost matters, because of office rent, electricity, IT services, resources, and maintenance which are major recurring expenses that every startup has to cope-up with. Established on the culture of work from anywhere, via which the running costs of start-ups are slashed to minimal, Online Patent Filing has been providing clients with a package that is beneficial for them from every aspect. Started with a philosophy of getting an IP application filing done anywhere in the world swiftly, Online Patent Filing is acknowledged for assuring reliability, quality and focusing on the market that matters to the user and envisions to create a syndicate of cost-effective services that let researchers, inventors, IP holders take control of IP filings, IP renewals and the like regardless of IP Expertise.

However, several gaps are currently dominating the market such as lack of awareness of IP, lack of knowledge to comprehend the IP ecosystem that can be utilized to create IP assets that translate into monetary gains, taking branding and patent casually, lack of belief that one can enforce IP and gain monetary benefits out of it, and ignorance of Government benefits that are provided for MSMEs and startups. With Computer science and technology, Electronics and communication, Material science, Electrical and Mechanical engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Pharmaceuticals, as its core technical areas, Online Patent Filing is addressing the existing gaps within the industry by offering convenient, effective & efficient IP Solutions, such as IP consulting, Ideation to the patent filing, Brand Protection, design protection, Patent analytics, filing, prosecution and opposition, Trademark searching, filing, prosecution, infringement enforcement, copyright filing and prosecution, design prosecution, portfolio management, IP watch services, IP Due Diligence, IP awareness sessions, and so on. “We have a set of procedures in place that helps our clients to give us the complete information pertinent to their requirements. The first and foremost step is to sign an NDA followed by filling an invention disclosure form by the clients
to capture their thoughts and documents related to their invention/trademark. After that, we conduct a consulting call to understand their requirements better, and lastly, we help them with their queries and question”, states Sonal Srivastava, Founding Partner, Online Patent Filing.

Unlike high costs of law firms, we aim to provide quality services at a fraction of cost to that of a law firm

A leading IPR service provider with a strong focus on analytics, filing, prosecution, and maintenance of Patents, Trademarks, Designs, and Copyright. Online Patent Filing is equipped with experienced attorneys who have worked with prestigious law firms, R&D companies, and other renowned IP service providers, bringing their knowledge to handle the IP cases for a promising outcome. “Unlike high costs of law firms, we aim to provide quality services at a fraction of cost to that of a law firm. Using the best of the premium search engine platforms for performing various Patent analytics projects, we are exploring best-in-class IP portfolio management platforms that can reduce tiring manual work. For patent drafting projects, which are crucial as they capture seed ideas and have many legal aspects to them, we are exploring tools that can assist us in reducing errors that eventually help us in reducing communications in prosecution stages”, quotes Sonal.

Thriving to learn new technologies, Online Patent Filing prefers various online learning platforms to enhance its knowledge and recent developments in various technology spaces. It has also been developing a platform that allows users to gain novelty information about their idea efficiently. “We have our plans in place to expand more in India, US and Europe. In the coming years, we plan to explore AI-assisted technologies and platforms to serve our clients better. We will continue to spread awareness about IP through our sessions and programs in India”, concludes Sonal.