Hari Consultancy: Maximizing Potential & Success of Business at Every Stage of Development

CIO Vendor Large corporations usually employ inhouse finance and management professionals that collaborate closely with promoters and top management to meet their various business needs. MidSize Corporations have inhouse professionals as well, but they are frequently overburdened with mundane operations and lack perspective. Professional Advisory Services are used by these businesses on a case by case basis. Small and Medium Enterprises, on the other hand, are typically led by their promoters and choose to outsource Advisory Services to professionals or advisory firms.

Asit Selarka discovered that there is a dearth of finance and management professionals who are familiar with the company's lifecycle and can advise the promoter and management properly. This is where Hari Consultancy got its start in 2019. Elucidating the inception story Asit Selarka, the Founder of Hari Consultancy says, "I quit corporate life and began providing Advisory Services from Startup to Mature Companies on Strategizing, Review of Business Opportunities, Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Fund Raising & Managing, Making Business Financially Viable, and providing CFO services to Companies, leveraging my Techno Commercial Background, Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Business Network. Our primary goal is to become a Prosperity Anchor to our clients that is guided by our strong ethical standards of Integrity, Competence and Reliability. We now have a team of experienced and passionate finance professionals willing to offer value to our clients."

Major Services Offered by Hari Consultancy
Hari Consultancy is one of the most well known and fastest growing financial services firms in Ahmedabad, and their Professional Team works hard to help clients meet their fundraising goals by developing custom made products and services based on thorough research and structuring. The company's full service approach allows it to meet clients' financing needs and expectations at various stages of its dynamic business lifecycle. Hari Consultancy strives to deliver timely financial solutions for its clients following their business needs and progress while maintaining the greatest levels of commitment, confidentiality, and ability.

Hari Consultancy is a reputable business advisory organization that serves a diverse variety of clients, from startups to established businesses of various Industries. Hari Consultancy Services advises, executes service, and manages fundraising for small, medium, and large businesses through banks, NBFCs, and financial institutions, always to the highest standard.

The services offered by Hari Consultancy are built on three pillars: Producing Value, Providing Solutions and Forming Customer Partnerships. The company takes a collaborative, professional, practical, hands-on and results oriented approach.
Maintaining Service Excellency
In a free market, one must carve out one's niche, and in an established market, one must differentiate one's product or service. Hari Consultancy has developed a framework and technique in which each member of the team is intimately involved in a potential project assignment and thoroughly understands the client's requirements. After that, they make a proposal, finalize the scope, and sign a mandate in which they may bring value to the project.

Hari Consultancy is a reputable business advisory organization that serves a diverse variety of clients, from start-ups to established businesses

Furthermore, Asit Selarka adds,"I believe that with out competition, there would be no marketplace; competition benefits the customer, and healthy competition increases attempts to serve customers better in terms of timeliness and deliverables. We never denigrate competitors and always guarantee that assignments are assigned based on our qualifications. It is our goal for all concerned stakeholders to have the greatest possible experience working with our team of experts. We pay close attention to every detail to give stakeholders a full presentation. Deliverables are created by adding value to a transaction through custom structuring, negotiation, and execution."

Hari Consultancy is to focus on offering timely solutions to its customers in Corporate Finance, Business Technical Advisory, and Financial Consultancy, as needed. “Right now, due to bandwidth constraints, we're concentrating on Corporate Finance until we reach our benchmark goals. In the coming years, we want to pursue both horizontal and vertical expansion. We intend to establish a competent staff focused on Management and Technical Advisory Services, as well as Financial Consultancy Services, to aid in our Horizontal Growth in these sectors.

Simultaneously, we plan to expand our market by opening branches in Gujarat's metro cities. This will assist us in achieving vertical growth in Corporate Finance by allowing us to penetrate new areas. We aspire to take Hari Consultancy to new heights in the years ahead by collaborating with qualified experienced professionals as Business Associate Partners", concludes Asit.